The crop producing season requires farmers to put in long days on the fields as they fulfill their responsibility of feeding the world’s growing population. However, those individuals that are operating the equipment can easily get caught up in the process and overlook the sheer beauty being offered as their machines glide along miles of land and golden fields.

S Series Combine

In an effort to allow our nation’s producers (and other farming enthusiasts) to appreciate this beauty, we’ve put together an image gallery of 25 John Deere aerial photos. Scroll through this gallery to get a bird’s eye view of a variety of John Deere machines performing their respective tasks (harvesting, planting, seeding, tilling, etc.). Enjoy!

615P Headers

Air Seeding

Anhydrous Applicator

Frontier Implements

Hay and Forage Equipment

Hay Equipment


John Deere AMS

John Deere Disks

John Deere Drills

John Deere ExactEmerge

John Deere Guidance and Machine Control

John Deere Guidance

John Deere M962i

Nutrient Application

Nutrient Applicators

Planting and Seeding Equipment

Primary Tillage

R4040i Sprayer

S Series at Night

S Series Combine Above

Seedbed Tillage

T Series Combine

Tillage Equipment

Utility Tractor Attachments

From ground level, it may be difficult to appreciate the scenery that John Deere equipment offers while it’s out in the field. Hopefully, these John Deere aerial photos offered a unique look at the farming process from high above!

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