The new John Deere 459E Baler was announced as a part of John Deere’s 2016 product lineup on Aug. 25, and its new features will benefit hay producers at an affordable price.

“Our 459E Round Balers are equipped with six Diamond Belts, which cover more than 90 percent of the bale chamber, helping to reduce leaf loss while improving bale quality,” said Jeremy Unruh, product line marketing manager for John Deere, at the time of its release.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the features of the John Deere 459E Baler and how it can help users out in the field.

Uniform Bale Density

The John Deere 459E Baler has the ability to maintain its bale density, thanks to its vertical forming chamber. Once hay enters the chamber, belts immediately turn it to form a tight core. It is smoothly compressed as it enters the bale.

Clean Retrieval

With a regular pickup mounted on the front of the baler wheels, the pickup hugs the ground. As a result, hay movement is minimized and the pickup efficiently removes everything from below. It is V-belt driven with a large reel shaft. Side flares are included to prevent hay from blowing off the pickup ends.

Adjustable Hitch

Like other 9 Series Round Balers, the John Deere 459E has an adjustable hitch, meaning its height can be moved to optimize crop feeding performance. Its adjustability also allows the pickup head to follow the terrain without missing any crop.

Staggered Belt Rolls

With staggered belt rolls, the John Deere 459E reduces the loss of fine material. They are also closely spaced to contain the hay as they roll. About 91 percent of the bale width is enclosed within the belts to reduce loss and maintain quality. The design also prevents build-up near the front of the baler.

Diamond Chain

The new American-made Diamond Chain promotes long chain lives and precision that operators will love. The material ensures consistency and precision throughout the use of the baler.

Large Shafts and Bearings

The #9 and #11 shafts and bearings on the John Deere 459E Baler are larger, which increases the durability of the machine as a whole. These rolls typically receive the most wear and stress over time. Because they are now larger, they are stronger and run cooler.

Hydraulic Bale Ramp

With the hydraulic bale ramp, ejecting bales is a breeze on the John Deere 459E Baler. This optional add-on allows bales to seamlessly roll away from the machine after the operator gives the command right from the cab.

BaleTrak Pro

The BaleTrak Pro monitor-controller comes with the automatic electric tie option and the Edge-to-Edge option on the 459E. The monitor sounds an easily audible alarm for near-full, full, and oversized bales to help producers realize their desired size.

To learn more about all of the features of the new John Deere 459E Baler, visit or speak to your local John Deere dealer.

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