When it comes to tilling your fields, you want to ensure that you’re using the most efficient, reliable equipment possible. John Deere tillage parts can help you meet your goals, and they come with a wide range of features to make your job easier.

John Deere Tillage

Chisel Parts

Additional Versatility: With replacement chisel parts (twisted slash points, moldboards, etc.), you can stay moving in the right direction with regards to your primary tillage operation. Additionally, there are two different shovels to choose from for tilling.

24-inch Concave Shovel: This shovel creates “soil ribbons” that tack down residue.

22-inch Flat Shovel: With this shovel, soil/trash mixing and compaction control is a breeze.

Coulter Blades & Disk Assemblies

Micro-Alloy Material: These blades are created from a micro-alloy material that ensures that they are tough and durable out in the field.

Various Blade Types: You can choose from a wide range of blade types, including flat, rippled and notched.

Disk Blades

Blade Edges: There are several blade edges to choose from, including Plain, Cutout, Rollable and Vertical Tillage for breaking up soil and enhancing mixing.

Quality Standard: Each blade meets or exceeds JDS100 standards for steel quality, heart treating and dimensionality. This means that they can take on high speeds for longer.

Nutrient Applications

Conventional Applicator: This knife has a universal mounting hole for All-Makes applications, and it is composed of high strength steel.

Heavy-Duty Strip-Till Knife: With this knife, you’ll have consistent nutrient placement, and points can be easily switched out in season.

Replaceable Pin-On Points: This new wingless point gives you low disturbance if you want to work shallow and fast.

Perma-Loc™ Quick Change System

Quick Changes: The Perma-Loc Quick Change System gives operators a range of sweeps for all types of applications and conditions.

Heavy-Duty Construction: The Perma-Loc is designed with a heavy-duty cast adapter, and it can be easily installed for a tight fit.

Ripper Points

LaserRip™ II: These ripper points are composed of a cast material that resists rock chipping.

LaserRip for All-Makes: This LaserRip is thicker in areas where wear is likely to occur.

Min-Till LaserRip: With this LaserRip, operators will see less soil disturbance.

Steel Ripper Points: These points are especially efficient in highly abrasive soils.

Coverboards: Coverboards can be used with LaserRip points to move more soil and bury residue.

Tillage Sweeps

Field Cultivator Sweeps: The Perma-Loc, Bolt On, and Conventional field cultivator sweeps offer options to operators depending on what types of soil are encountered during the tillage process.

Chisel Plow Sweeps: With the Tru-Width and Conventional Swing sweeps, you can have more control over your mixing action.

Row-Crop Sweeps: Tru-Width, Conventional, S-Tine and Precision Plus Fin sweeps offer maximum holding power while tilling.

Heel Sweeps

Durability and Quality: These sweeps are heat-treated for additional strength and a long lifespan.

Seeding Shovels and Weeding Knives

Long-term Use: The shovels and weeding knives are composed of high carbon steel for the utmost durability.

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