8 Types of John Deere 1025R Attachments to Consider

May 9, 2016

The John Deere 1025R is a wonderful sub-compact utility tractor option for those looking to get a variety of jobs done. Much of its versatility comes in its ability to support a wide range of attachments.


The 1025R’s attachments include everything from tire chains to hood guards. Let’s take a look at most of the John Deere 1025 attachments you can add to your machine today.


The iMatch Quick Hitch bushings and iMatch Quick Hitch Category 1 hitch are both available for the John Deere 1025R. They quickly attach and allow the tractor to tow several different implements.


Several weights are available for the John Deere 1025R tractor. The 50 lb. cast iron wheel weight, 50 lb. wheel weight (rear plastic) and 72 lb. cast iron starter wheel weight can all be used with the John Deere 1025R. There are also bracket extension kits and mounting hardware available for all of the weights.

Hood Guards

The standard hood guard and deluxe hood guards are some of the 1025R attachments you may want to consider if you’re looking for added protection. They each wrap around the hood to provide even more coverage.

Wheels and Tires

The list of 1025R attachments includes both turf and industrial tires for the tractor. This gives operators options, depending on what type of terrain they will be working on with the machine. The turf tires can ensure that the tractor’s weight is spread over a large area for more flotation. The industrial tread can offer more traction while reducing turf damage.


The power-beyond kit, rear-hydraulic kit, and third selective-control-valve (SCV) are all 1025R attachments. The power-beyond kit includes rear mounted hydraulic couplers, while the rear-hydraulic kit routes the duel mid SCVs to the rear of the tractor. The third selective-control-valve kit may be ideal for individuals who do not want a handle that interferes with the seat. Its couplers are mounted in the rear, and it has one set of outlets.

Light Kits

The auxiliary rear work light kit, forward-lighting Kit, LED work light kit, warning-light brush guards and working-light brush guard kit all work with the tractor. These John Deere 1025R attachments can provide illumination before sun-up and after sundown.

Weather Protection

The weather protection umbrella and ABS plastic canopy are available for the John Deere 1025R, providing users and their tractors with adequate protection from the elements.


The engine block heater adapter can allow for faster engine startup in cold weather. Additionally, the engine coolant heater kit is compatible with the John Deere 1025R.

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