Optimized to work with all John Deere compact construction equipment, the planetary drive augers can be used not only to dig standard holes in various soils, rock, and frost but also to dig landscaping holes for trees and shrubs. Here, you will learn more about the John Deere Augers’ three separate models, the PA30, PA15 and PA40, what those models mean and what option would be best for you.

John Deere Planetary Auger

The different model numbers resemble the maximum hydraulic flow. For example, the PA30 has a maximum of 30 gallons per minute. Augers have 4-6 inch standards, 9 to 12-inch rocky soil and froth and lastly,18 to 36-inch tree and trumpets available depending on your application. These augers are compatible and optimized to work with many machines. They’re commonly found on John Deere skid steers, compact track loaders, compact excavators, and are compatible with most competitive models as well.

Planetary Drive Auger Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages, features, and benefits of the augers. The hydraulic motor is connected to the planetary reduction drive and the drive is completely sealed, with all components running on oil for total lubrication.  But that’s not all, each auger is equipped with a relief valve that protects the auger from damage when it unexpectedly hits an immovable object. In addition, augers also come with reverse rotation, providing a quick and easy back out when encounters with obstructions occur.

Planetary Drive Auger Operating Tips

In the video above, we dive into how weather can affect the way an auger operates and how the preparation should be adjusted before starting a job. Operating techniques can differ based on which attachment is being used and should be closely paid attention to. Additionally, learn the do’s and don’ts based on the temperature outside and how to get the best results with your auger. From the size of the hole you want to dig to avoiding debris flying around after the auger comes out of the ground, feel confident in getting the best results.

Enjoy this short video highlighting how to maintain longevity with your auger and the best ways to keep your auger in top condition.

Planetary Drive Auger Maintenance

Why make your job any harder than it needs to be? Discover how the right auger can positively impact your business no matter the season. We hope this video gallery helped you learn more about planetary drive augers and if there is one out there that is right for you.

For more information about planetary drive augers or other attachments, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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