There is finally a way to cover more of your crop with better precision, making sure every droplet does its job. Even around tight corners, you can now have better consistency on all speed ranges so you can spray more acres in less time. ExactApply™ puts you in control with its integrated technology all from the command arm display.

John Deere ExactApply

Most sprayers’ pulse rates are just 10 times a second, but with ExactApply, you get 30 pulses per second, tripling that of the average sprayer. With a consistent spray pressure, and setting the technology to automatically vary the rate across the entire boom, you greatly reduce input cost and avoid possible crop damage.

ExactApply™: How to enable turn compensation on a GreenStar 3 2630 display

In the video above we learn how to enable turn compensation within the ExactApply technology. Turn compensation varies the rate across the boom as an operator makes turns in the field to minimize over and under-application. It is pivotal to note that turn compensation is only available when you are pulsing, which we learned about in Part 1 of our video gallery. This feature can be turned on within the operating setup tab.

ExactApply™: How to setup boost on a GreenStar 3 2630 display

If you’re looking to increase the rate of the selected nozzles on the boom, you must enable the boost feature. The boost feature allows boosting up to six nozzles, two pairs of two and two singles. Within the boost mode, you are able to increase and decrease your rate by 25%. Similar to most features in this technology, boost is only available during pulsing.

Looking to customize your sections? ExactlyApply enables you to customize how many nozzles get assigned to each section of your sprayer when on the job. To customize, make sure each nozzle is accounted for and begin your setup within the dashboard.

ExactApply™: How to setup virtual sections on a GreenStar 3 2630 display

With this technology and the features mentioned above, the John Deere ExactApply nozzle system is a precise and effective solution. It’s a solution to not only protect and maximize the yield potential of crops planted with today’s premium seed but a solution that is easier, smarter and more precise as well. Don’t only have better weed and pest control, but reduce costs keep your crops out of harm’s way.

If you want a sprayer that covers more land and maintains correct droplet sizes throughout the entire field, ExactApply could be for you!

For more information about the ExactApply Sprayer Nozzle, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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