Those that live in cold climates have likely run into issues at one point or another where their car or other equipment that has a battery has failed to start. Let’s face it: a battery replacement in the middle of the cold winter is no walk in the park. Thankfully, there are some preventative¬†measures and other maintenance actions that can be taken to prevent a John Deere battery from failing in the cold weather.

Winter Battery Maintenance

Dry charged batteries from a John Deere dealership do not require special care until activated with acid. However, activated (also known as “wet”) batteries demand special care and precautions to prevent them from perishing. Here are some tips to consider as you think about winter battery maintenance this winter.

Winter Batter Maintenance for Active Equipment

Batteries that will be used in machines that need to work during the winter months must go into the season with a full charge, otherwise, they could struggle to crank a cold engine. Generally, batteries that are below a 70% state of charge will tend to have difficulties starting a cold engine. This is because batteries produce less energy at colder temperatures and the overall state of charge is lowered as well.

John Deere equipment owners should invest in a quality battery charger if they do not have one to prevent the battery from going into the winter season less than fully charged.

Winter Battery Maintenance for Stored Equipment

Batteries installed in equipment that will be dormant during the winter should be cared for as follows:

  • Batteries should always be fully charged before being put into storage.
  • Batteries will always discharge over time, however, lower temperatures slow the process. So, if you won’t be using your equipment, it’s a good idea to consider storing in a cool location.
  • Operators should disconnect the negative ground cable. This will also help to reduce the discharge caused by electrical components. Remember to restore the cable before the end of the season.

Final Thoughts

As we head into the winter months, it’s important to think about battery maintenance. Both active and dormant machines should be given attention to prevent the battery from perishing and to keep you moving through the cold weather.

For more information about John Deere battery maintenance or general equipment maintenance heading into the winter, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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