No matter the job site, it’s critical that the equipment being used is able to handle any obstacle with ease. With John Deere construction technology on its side, Hammett Excavation has been able to get jobs done faster across various job sites and become more competitive.

From GPS to SmartGrade™ technology, everybody across Hammett has seen the benefits that have presented themselves as a result of making use of these systems. Watch the videos below to learn more about how John Deere construction technology has helped this company progress throughout the years.

Hammett Excavation Keeps Moving with Construction Technology Solutions

Gaylon Hammett, the owner of Hammett Excavation, explains how everything changed once GPS was brought into the picture. As opposed to creating plans for general contractors, Hammett and his team are now able to outline certain work areas and provide further information about what should be done. Additionally, despite there being initial hesitation to include GPS on trackhoes as well as dozers, this decision proved to be the right one. This piece of John Deere construction technology ensures that different operators on different machines are able to do their jobs as efficiently as possible, laying the groundwork for the next step.

Hammett Excavation grades smarter with a John Deere SmartGrade™ Motor Grader

When he began his career, Darin Stroud, Project Superintendent at Hammett Excavation, and his team were using a GPS that consisted of a pole with attached cables and a six-to-seven-foot external mast. By employing a John Deere SmartGrade Motor Grader, Stroud is able to get around obstacles easily thanks to a range of features, including GNSS antennas, in-cylinder sensing, and a convenient in-cab display. Thanks to this innovation in John Deere construction technology, Stroud is able to get into the cab with his operators with the confidence that the machine will take over.

With the ability to store everything into a design file, operators are able to go out onto any job site with a set of plans laid out in front of them for the highest level of accurate grading. This technology is available on all Grade Pro (GP) models of John Deere motor graders, including:

With this advancement in John Deere construction technology, operators can expect to see an improvement in production across any job site.

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