Before the harvest season begins, you’ll want to make sure that your John Deere equipment is prepared to handle tasks out in the field. The right amount of preparation can ensure that you’re working as quickly and efficiently as possible when it comes time to harvest. By understanding what you need to accomplish pre-harvest, you will be guaranteed a productive season.

Let’s take a look at some pre-harvest technology tips to take into account when heading into the harvest season.

  • Data collection is essential during the fall harvest season. With this data, you can analyze which areas you need to improve upon to make for an even more productive harvest season next time around.
  • Utilize ActiveYield. ActiveYield provides continuous calibration of the mass flow sensor through the load cells installed in the grain tank. The load cells estimate the change in weight of grain as the tank fills.
  • The system begins taking data when the load cells signify that there is grain accumulating in the tank – it stops taking measurements when the load cells indicate a grain weight of 6,600 pounds. Using a series of data, the software calculates the change in weight of grain over time.
  • To operate ActiveYield, perform Mass Flow Sensor Vibration Calibration with the header attached and the grain tank empty. Then, calibrate the Moisture Sensor Temperature.
  • Stream your latest data to your farm manager or agronomists with JDLink Connect.
  • JDLink Connect can provide remote support with diagnostics and alerts, location history, and help with maintenance planning and logging with factory-recommended plans.
  • JDLink Connect also has Remote Display Access, meaning operators can gain support for their machine while working out in the field from experts who may be located elsewhere.
  • With all JDLink equipment, operators have the option to share location and basic machine usage information with the John Deere Operations Center, farm managers, and agronomists remotely.
  • The JDLink Connect system automatically logs and sends machine performance and settings information daily through cellular signals. This means you always have this data backed up at your fingertips whenever you want to look back at the performance of your machine.
  • The information is logged every 30 minutes with average readings for the time period. Afterward, these measurements are accumulated to provide an aggregated average or last value.

For more information on these pre-harvest technology tips, watch the video below.

Pre-Harvest Technology Tips

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