As we head further into the winter season, you’ll want to ensure that your John Deere ExactApply system is prepared to continue doing its job for the months ahead. Doing so can ensure that everything is working properly and that you can keep your equipment intact for years to come. Let’s take a look at the steps you’ll need to take to winterize your John Deere ExactApply system.

Steps to Winterize Your John Deere ExactApply System

  1. Make sure that the machine has been washed and cleaned.
  2. Drain the solution in the machine and rinse the water tank.
  3. Mix the winter fluid to the appropriate temperature and load it in the rinse water tank. Approximately 200 liters of winter fluid is required.
  4. After you fill the rinse water tank, run a single rinse cycle at the “low” volume setting. The fluid should not be sprayed out at this time.
  5. Spray the winter fluid at the ExactApply nozzle body until it’s visible at the nozzles. Make sure that the machine is set up to spray with plungers A + B, with the nozzle pulsing fixed at 50%. Ensure that all the nozzles fitted are protected.
  6. Operate the high-pressure cleaner wash brush until the winterized fluid is present.
  7. Run the eductor with the solution tank as the main source. Operate the eductor rinse rig, jug rinse nozzle, and cleaning nozzle in the lid until the winter fluid can be seen at each function.
  8. Using an empty container, operate the jug rinse nozzle. Then, suck the fluid back into the solution tank by activating the eductor.
  9. Turn off the eductor and its switches once the winter fluid has been sucked away.
  10. Pump the winter fluid from the rinse tank back into the solution tank by selecting the rinse water tank as the source on the solution system keypad.
  11. Place a container under the tank drain, and drain 100 liters from the solution tank.
  12. Place the filling hose into the container with the winterizing fluid, and pump the winterized fluid back from the rinse water tank to the solution tank.
  13. If it is not possible to drain the water with a large container, position a different suitable container under the filling pump drain plug.
  14. Open this drain plug and put the ignition on, but don’t start the machine. This will open the solution system valves toward the filling pump for the winter fluid to drain out.
  15. Refer to the Solution Command System keypad and select the option for rinse water tank filling.
  16. Then, press the option for external pump filling for solution tank filling. Once the winter fluid has been drained, stop the filling and close the filling pump drain plug.
  17. Drain the hand wash tank.
  18. Drain the water from the compressed air circuit, and make sure the air tank has no water inside.

If you have any questions about the John Deere ExactApply system, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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