John Deere 1895 Air Drill

Video Gallery: John Deere 60-Foot 1895 Air Drill with TruSet

May 3, 2018

As the spring season progresses, farmers across the country are beginning to tend to their soil. With the John Deere 60-foot 1895 Air Drill, operators can ensure they are evenly placing seed and fertilizer in order to get consistent growth results.

With features such as spoked gauge wheels and high-flotation tires, this equipment is able to power through any type of soil while maintaining uniformity and reliability throughout the field. Watch the videos to learn more about the 60-foot 1895 Air Drill and how to guarantee you are making the most out of this machinery with TruSet™.

Examining the Benefits of the John Deere 1895 Air Drill

January 4, 2017

Agricultural professionals who are looking for consistency when they’re placing seed and fertilizer may want to consider the John Deere 1895 Air Drill. This piece of equipment is designed for separate fertilizer placement, and it is designed to provide consistent depth across the entire field while in use.

John Deere 1895 Air Drill

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using the John Deere 1895 Air Drill on the job.

No-Till Openers

The no-till openers of the John Deere 1895 Air Drill come standard. The single disk openers are gang mounted, and hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulic downforce system provides operators with a range of downforce settings for the openers. They also work in no-till conditions, as well as minimum or reduced-till conditions.