5 Labor Day Activities for the John Deere Enthusiast

September 2, 2011

The arrival of Labor Day can mean a lot of important things to people.  It could mean the end of summer and the start of a new school year, the beginning of football season, or even the last day it’s fashionable to wear white, but for most of us it’s just a day we’re happy to have off from work.  If you’re sitting there wondering what you’re going to do all day, don’t worry, we have you covered!  Below is a list of five ideas that you can use to turn your lazy day off into the most exciting (and John Deere-themed) Labor Day you’ve ever had!

John Deere: Aerial View

November 29, 2010

Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to see the forest for the trees…Or, in this case, to see the fields for the Deere. What follows is a stunning set of images we have compiled that show the beauty of John Deere from an aerial view.


Announcing the John Deere MachineFinder Ultimate Fan Photo Contest Winner

August 2, 2010

We’d like to thank you all so much for such a great turnout for the John Deere Ultimate Fan Photo Contest – a total of 805 of you went out to vote!

Without further ado, the winner with 345 votes (43% of the vote!) – Amanda Rae Sowa!

Amanda, step right up and claim your badge and bragging rights for the Ultimate John Deere Fan Photo Contest!

machine finder winner FINAL Get in Your Vote for the John Deere MachineFinder Ultimate Fan Photo Contest!

A big round of thanks to everyone that entered the contest and a special thank you to the finalists, and thanks again to all that voted to make this such a fun contest!

Get in Your Vote for the John Deere MachineFinder Ultimate Fan Photo Contest!

July 29, 2010


There’s still time to cast your vote for the Ultimate Fan Photo Contest!  So far over 600 others have cast their votes and you surely don’t want to be left out in choosing from the absolutely fantastic photos of our Ultimate Fan Contest finalists. Don’t forget, the winner will receive an Ultimate Fan badge, be featured on the MachineFinder website, and of course, bragging rights!

You have until the end of the month of July to cast your votes and the winner will be announced in a blog post on August 2. For your convenience, we’re posting the voting poll again below.

10 Incredible John Deere Images

January 15, 2010

Judging by the reactions to our last post on John Deere HDR photography, we decided to put together another small gallery of John Deere-themed HDR images. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as the first and encourage you to drop us a line if you have any HDR images of your own that you’d like us to include the next go-round.

Pictures of John Deere Tractors(Source: Heimstrekka)

John Deere Art: 30 Pictures That Will Blow You Away

January 6, 2010

Tractors are more than a utility to those that use them. People take pride in the visual appearance of their tractors and many consider these formidable machines a piece of art in their own right. This is why, in the art world, artists often express themselves through form and function (we’re sure Chip Foose would agree).

Scouring the web for examples of such, we were surprised to find so many used tractors being utilized for art. We hope you enjoy this collection of 30 tractor-related artworks. Whoever said art and tractors don’t mix?

20100106172929(Source: mausermedic)

John Deere: A Black and White Gallery

August 18, 2009

Everyone seemed to enjoy our “John Deere: An HDR Gallery” post so much that we decided another collection of John Deere images was in order. More befitting of our heritage and modest roots, these black & white photographs lend a certain sense of nostalgia to the John Deere name. Many of the photos aren’t simply of our equipment, but of the people who owned them, who maintained them and who likely passed on their affinity for everything John Deere. If you, our readers and loyal fans, have any black & white photographs in your possession featuring John Deere tractors and equipment, perhaps even your grandfather sitting astride it, please drop us a line and we’d be happy to include it.

John Deere - Black & White

(Source: jbirdistheword)