Tractors are more than a utility to those that use them. People take pride in the visual appearance of their tractors and many consider these formidable machines a piece of art in their own right. This is why, in the art world, artists often express themselves through form and function (we’re sure Chip Foose would agree).

Scouring the web for examples of such, we were surprised to find so many used tractors being utilized for art. We hope you enjoy this collection of 30 tractor-related artworks. Whoever said art and tractors don’t mix?

20100106172929(Source: mausermedic)

20100106171708(Source: one_rod)

20100106173854(Source: thefuturistics)

20100106170332(Source: fryeme100)

20100106175015(Source: justsmartdesign)

20100106171929(Source: pscarman)

20100106163325(Source: zadalew)

20100106172215(Source: bone1966)

20100106174233(Source: sfclay)

20100106163728(Source: cosmic pop retro shop)

20100106163928(Source: Josh Moody)

20100106164252(Source: jcarwash31)

20100106174043(Source: Teyacapan)

20100106164527(Source: B Tal)

20100106174746(Source: catchesthelight)

20100106174559(Source: Heather’s Lightbox)

20100106165016(Source: these are only words)

20100106172457(Source: alafia53)

20100106165324(Source: ©athrine)

20100106165527(Source: phigits)

20100106170110(Source: ATIS547)

20100106170525(Source: cannellfan)

20100106170810(Source: meckleychina)

20100106171103(Source: chairuzkuro)

20100106174429(Source: roadsidenut)

20100106171511(Source: amyspoede)

20100106172648(Source: Emma in Wonderland)

BZ088834(Source: bilal zaffar)

20100106173409(Source: wallyg)

20100106173653(Source: *Agnes)

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