8 Frontier Food Plot Seeder Features that Simplify Tillage and Seeding

April 24, 2017

Using a Frontier food plot seeder, operators have the opportunity to create an attractive wildlife habitat. The food plot seeder can disk, cultivate, deposit seed, pack soil, and level the soil all with a single pass using its notched disks and a S-tine toolbar.

John Deere Frontier Food Plot Seeder

Now that we understand a bit more about how a food plot seeder operates and what it’s used for, let’s take a look at some of the features that are offered by Frontier’s model.

S-Tine Attachments

The Frontier food plot seeder can be equipped with three different S-tine attachments for improved tilling performance.

  • For repeat food plots or final leveling of the seedbed, operators should consider using the standard equipped 9-in. sweep points.
  • Turning tips can be added to the food plot seeder to work in seedbeds where residue needs to be buried.
  • For dry or rocky soil conditions, operators should consider adding chisel points to their seeder.

Versa Seeder™

The electric Versa Seeder brush lets operators plant multiple seed sizes and is designed to perform in even the toughest conditions. From corn to native grasses, the Versa Seeder places seed directly behind the area that has been cultivated, drastically reducing seed loss.

S-Tine Toolbar Kit

A second S-tine toolbar kit can be added to Frontier food plot seeders to increase tillage action. The second toolbar attaches directly into the frame in front of the existing toolbar.

Adjustable Notched Disks

The Frontier food plot seeder hosts heavy-duty, notched disks that optimize penetration and are designed to thoroughly break up soil. The disk gang angle can be adjusted to match the operator’s tillage needs.

Pneumatic Tires for Transportation

The food plot seeder comes pneumatic tires that make it easy to transport the equipment from location to location. When the equipment has reached its working destination, they can be retracted with help from the heavy-duty electric lift system.

Adjustable Scatter Plates

Operators can set the angle of seed dispersion thanks to the adjustable scatter plates. This feature allows for more accurate seed placement and a reduction in seed loss.

Rear Roller Attachment

This optional roller kit can be used by itself or along with the drag attachment to improve performance. The roller can be pinned in its working position or free floating depending on the operator’s needs.


The cultipacker on the Frontier food plot seeder has more than one use. The grating drag levels the soil and covers the seed that’s been placed for uniform soil contact throughout the process. Operators can choose from standard drag only, optional roller only, or drag with the optional roller on top.

Final Thoughts

A Frontier food plot seeder could help to get you on your way to creating a plot of land that’s primed to become a wildlife habitat. For more information about the Frontier food plot seeder or other attachments, contact your local John Deere dealer today.

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