When you’re in the market for a cultipacker, John Deere has a wide variety to choose from, each with its own highlights and benefits. With a cultipacker from Deere, you can maximize yield with a well-prepared seedbed and enhance seed-to-soil contact. Cultipackers are ideal for property owners, landscapers, and small producers alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the cultipackers from Deere and how they can help you on the job.

Strong Packer Wheels

The cultipackers from the CP11 Series each feature 9.5-inch cast-iron packer wheels. They are specifically made for durable performance while breaking up dirt clods to create smooth, even seed beds every time.

Easy-to-Use Park Stands

CP11 Series cultipackers also come with park stands for quick storage. Simply unclip the pin, drop the stands to the desired height, re-insert pin, unhook the implement, and move on. The cultipacker is now set perfectly in place.

An Optional Scraper Kit

A scraper kit is available for cultipackers from Deere – the ultimate goal is to prevent soil buildup from getting in the way of productivity. The optional scraper kit comes with individual scraper blades and brackets that quickly mount to the cultipacker. The blades are designed to scrape off soil and trash buildup on the packer wheels to ensure that operations are constantly running smoothly, regardless of the field conditions.

Durable Mainframe

The durable square mainframe of cultipackers from Deere can take on even the toughest clods of dirt, giving operators one less thing to worry about as they work.

Limited Category 1 Quick-Hitch for Ease and time Savings

Quick-Hitch comes standard with CP11 Series cultipackers. They are all compatible with the limited Category 1 Quick-Hitch as an easy way to save time when hooking and unhooking the machine to attachments.

Perfect for Leveling the Seedbed

Each cultipacker is specifically made to break up dirt clods and level the seedbed, making conditions ripe for planting with little effort. It is also designed to leave grooves in the soil to help retain moisture and prevent wash and erosion.

For more information on cultipackers from John Deere and all of their benefits, watch the video below.

Why & When To Use A Cultipacker

If you have any questions about cultipackers and their benefits, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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