The John Deere logo can appear in many forms. While most would immediately think of farming equipment, construction, or perhaps even forestry, John Deere extends much farther than just that! To illustrate the presence of John Deere in our everyday lives, we scoured the Internet and came up with some surprising—and fun!—examples:

John Deere Bicycle

Whether you’re young or just young at heart, these John Deere toys will be sure to make you feel like a kid again. Plus, they’re the perfect way to usher in a new generation of John Deere enthusiasts. Consumers of all ages may have John Deere collections, but for the younger collectors among us, these toy trucks are just right!

John Deere Toys


The John Deere logo doesn’t just appear on merchandise. As we dug a bit deeper into our search for John Deere in our everyday lives, we stumbled across a few fun Deere events:

John Deere Wedding


While most go for a lilac or pale pink for their weddings, green and yellow are perfect colors for a spring wedding. Basically, what we’re saying is that John Deere colors and weddings go hand-in-hand!

John Deere Baby Shower

We mentioned ushering in a new generation of John Deere enthusiasts with toys, but why even wait that long? It’s best to start them young, perhaps even from birth! The above baby shower features everything from Deere colors to Deere cupcakes.

But let’s not stop there. How about sitting down to the dinner table and reaching for these?

Salt and Pepper John Deere

What better way to season your food than with John Deere salt and pepper shakers? To make sure all members of the Deere community are healthy, we’ve devoted a section of the Deere website to some hardy and healthy recipes.  If any of these recipes call for some seasoning, you can reach for these salt and pepper shakers!

John Deere Birthday Cake


How about spicing up your child’s birthday party by adding some John Deere accessories to the cake? Icing molded into some fun tractor shapes is a creative way to put a new spin to the classic birthday cake.

John Deere Cupcake

Cakes are great, but cupcakes are an equally fun alternative to baking (and frosting) an entire cake. Frost them with that classic John Deere green, set up some cereal treats as bales of hay, and voila!: You have a John Deere-inspired cupcake display.

Clearly, the John Deere logo finds itself on more than just heavy machinery. Over the years, it’s also been developed into a culture of its own, and has been injected into everyday items. From bicycles to salt and pepper shakers and from weddings to birthday parties, John Deere is everywhere!

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