For generations, families in agriculture have passed on their own legacy through the land, and through the tools they’ve used to work that land. John Deere tractors and farming equipment have been there with them, and we’d like to thank the farmers for making us a part of their family.

This is the start of a new series on the MachineFinder blog – Driving Down Memory Lane in a John Deere.

Spotlight #1: John Larson

John Larson & John Deere Tractors

John Larson's Farm

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, Linda Thompson has fond memories of her father on the land. He would be out riding around on one of his four John Deere tractors taking care of business. They had forty cows to look after and milk back then.

The Larson Farm

After raising a family of six children on the farm in Dairy Land, John Larson sold the land and business to his son. Ron Larson, and his wife Deb, are carrying on the legacy brought down from his father. Now, when his sister Linda goes back to the family for a visit, she can see her brother in their dad’s place, rolling across the land in one of his eight Deere tractors. For his 80th birthday party, the family threw John Larson a John Deere themed bash, even including a Deere windmill as a present.

John Larson depended upon three diesel tractors, models 3020, 2520, 2030, and 4240, and one 2520 gas tractor. He additionally worked with a 414 plow, 12′ disk, 8′ grain drill with rubber wheels, and a 418 plow. Ron uses the 3150, 7700, and 4030 diesel tractors, plus a 3020 gas tractor. Added to the collection of John Deere equipment are a 6600 combine, 14′ grain drill, 3950 chopper, 946 disk, 6 row corn planter, 148 motor loader, and more.

John Deere Tractor

You never grow too old for John Deere, and John Deere is never too old for you. That’s the importance of a legacy; having something to carry on that retains the same quality it has always been, someone to depend on.

John Larson and John Deere Tractors

Deere & Company has been here for 172 years, alongside your families and farms; throughout the good times and the rough roads. And we’ll continue to be here. That’s our legacy to you. We’d like to thank the Larson family for their lifelong dedication to John Deere, and hope to hear from more of our fans and families.

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