Spring has arrived, so it’s time to start thinking about equipment and techniques to prepare your lawn for a healthy season ahead. John Deere’s X700 mower series includes many unique models that allow the operator to complete a wide variety of yard chores, including loader and landscaping work. Each model includes features that enhance comfort, convenience, and performance. Let’s take a look through some snapshots of each model that will make yard maintenance this season a breeze.


John Deere X700 Mower

The John Deere X700 is the smallest X700 model (45.9 in. height) and includes a 22 hp engine along with two uncut circle radius options: 28 in. (62X mower) and 32 in. (54X mower).


John Deere X720 Mower

The X720 has a standard X700 height of 51.2-in., including a 25.5 hp engine for ample power. It also possesses an 18 in. professional high-back, six-position seat for increased comfort.


 John Deere X724 Mower

The X724 offers great maneuverability, with a 21 in. turning radius (compared to 25 in. on X700 and X720) as well as a 6 in. uncut circle radius with four-wheel steering. The 25.5 hp engine provides the same power as the X720.


John Deere X728 Mower

Unlike the models mentioned above, the X728 is the first to incorporate full-time four-wheel drive, giving it the ability to operate in various terrain conditions.


John Deere X729 Mower

The X729 model is similar to the X728, but offers all-wheel steering, giving it increased nimbleness, along with a 6 in. uncut circle radius.


John Deere X740 Mower

The 24 hp X740 has a diesel-powered, 3-cylinder (previous models are V-twin) engine with a 6.5 gallon fuel tank, larger than the standard 5.2 gallon X700 mower tanks.


John Deere X744 Mower

The X744 has the same engine as the X740 with all-wheel steering, offering the same specs as the X740 but with an easier to manage steering system.


John Deere X748 Mower

The X748 includes four-wheel drive with the same engine power as the other X740 models, making it a powerful machine that can be used for a number of projects.


John Deere X749 Mower

The X749 offers the best the X740 models have to offer, with both four-wheel drive capabilities and all-wheel steering, leaving it with the ability to complete any task, regardless of size or scope.

The John Deere X700 series mowers come in a variety of models and sizes, offering something for any sized project that needs to be completed around the yard. Which model has been most helpful for your yard maintenance?

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All photos courtesy of Deere.com

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