When it comes time to harvest, all crop producers have their mind on the same goal, getting the most out of their crops and returning with the highest yield possible. John Deere combines allow harvesters to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency year after year, and acre after acre; however, those looking to go above and beyond have some available options.

John Deere Combine

In this post, we’ll take a look at 15 John Deere combine attachments and parts that will unleash the machine’s full potential and return the best yield possible.

1. High-torque variable-speed feederhouse drive

Feederhouse Drive

Higher capacity drive-power allows the combine operator to harvest high-yielding corn at faster ground speeds. When compared to standard heavy-duty variable feeder-house drives, this model features heavier belts, larger gears, shafts and bearings for maximum productivity.

2. Walker sidehill performance kit

Walker Sidehill Kit

Don’t let grain sitting on the hillside go to waste. This attachment’s tall center chaffer divider and grain agitators prevent grain from shifting to one side of the cleaning shoe, keeping it spread evenly across the chaffer for reduced grain loss.

3. Grain tank trough liners

Grain Tank

Often times, holes can emerge under grain tank augers. To avoid becoming a victim of grain loss as a result of these holes, stainless steel liners will extend wear life and save grain.

4. PowerCast™ tailboard

PowerCast Tailboard

This tailboard attachment allows the operator to adjust spread width from 35 to 50 ft. right from the cab replacing the 12-vane tailboard to better manage residue distribution with wider platforms.

5. AutoTrac RowSense Universal Kit

AutoTrac RowSense Kit

Bring harvesting to the next level by fusing GPS data from the StarFire™ receiver with data from the universal row sensor, resulting in a comfortable hands-free experience that reduces operator fatigue.

6. Two-speed 4WD conversion

Two Speed 4WD Conversion

This system allows the operator to go from a two-wheel drive to a two-speed, 4WD drive system with torque ranges for increased ground-speed versatility.

7.Rotary screen brush kits

Rotary Screen Brush Kit

Nothing will put a halt to harvesting quicker than an overheated engine. The rotary screen brush kit keeps the rotary screen clean of buildup and helps minimize plugging.

8. Additional grain tank sensor

Grain Tank Sensor

An additional grain tank sensor will enable the operator to keep a pulse on the grain level even when harvesting on side-hills.

9. FieldVision™ Xenon HID lighting

HID Lighting

Don’t let darkness stand in the way of a successful harvest. With HID lighting, the operator will experience 200% better illumination while running at less heat.

10. Camera observation system 

Camera Observation System

Sticking with the theme of visibility enhancement, the camera observation system gives operators a bird’s eye view of all important combine functions on the go.

11. Top crop auger

Top Crop Auger

Perfect for bushy crops such as field peas, canola, mustard and sunflowers, the top crop auger keeps crops moving into your combine’s feederhouse without stalling over the side draper belts. This attachment can be easily removed for standard crop conditions.

12. Full-fingered auger assemblies 

Full Fingered Auger Assemblies

These full fingered assemblies boost feeding capacity and reduce slugs in unfavorable conditions. This attachment features standard center fingers and one retracting feed finger between each auger flight.

13. High-wear knife guards

High Wear Knife Guards

These knife guards are designed to withstand tough, abrasive soil and crop conditions, maximizing cutting performance for a much longer period of time.

14. Wide reel finger

Wide Reel Finger

Each snap-on reel finger is designed for improved sweeping action in short or light crops and is wider and more rigid than the traditional reel finger. It helps clear the cutterbar of material buildup and promotes spearing of the crop with its angled pronged edges.

15. Corn head shoe cover

Corn Head Shoe Cover

Prevent trash buildup and bunching in damp conditions. These shoe covers also have a fluorescent strip to provide even better visibility at night or when harvesting in downed corn or narrow rows.

Any, or all of these combine attachments being added to your John Deere will bring harvesting to the next level. Crop producers will realize higher yields as a result, and isn’t that the end goal?

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