For a few months every fall, America’s crop producers spend many long days (and even nights) out in the fields, harvesting their crops with hopes of bringing back the most grain they possibly can for a maximum yield. With the harvesting season in full swing, we wanted to take some time to gather and share 20 corn and cotton fall harvest pictures that will give non-producers a look into the world of crop production, while offering those involved in the process a chance to take a step-back, relax, and appreciate the imagery surrounding their practice.

So, kick your feet up and enjoy these 20 photos that give a look into the world of cotton and corn harvesting through day and night, enjoy!

Combines at Night

7760 Cotton Harvester

616C Corn Header


7760 Cotton Stripper

606c StalkMaster

600c Corn Head

Cotton Harvest at Night

John Deere 612c

Cotton Field Harvester

SPFH Corn Header

Cotton Picker

Cleaning Shoe

Cotton Stripper

9570 STS

John Deere 618c

Cotton Harvest Identification

John Deere S650

7760 Cotton Picker

Corn Harvest Process

The agricultural equipment in the images above assists our nation’s crop producers, giving them the best opportunity to conclude the fall harvest in a way that will make them satisfied with their return. Whether your want to share your thoughts on these photos, or have a photo of your own to submit, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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