Technology has become a critical component to successful farming in today’s digital world. The proliferation of the iPhone and other mobile devices has not only spread rampantly across the American public, it has hit the American farming community as well. In fact, recent statistics show 94% of farmers own a smartphone or another mobile device. Last year, nearly half of American farmers were using a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone, up from 10% in 2010.

There are a number of agricultural-related apps available for these devices, giving farmers the opportunity to access information while working in the field. Let’s take a look at three John Deere mobile apps that can be useful on the go from mobile devices.

JDLink: Customers and managers can take their operation on the go thanks to the JDLink mobile app. JDLink provides valuable information such as machine location and hours, Geofence and curfew alerts, maintenance tracking/planning, fuel usage, and the ability to perform remote machine diagnostics tests.

JDLink App

With the JDLink mobile app, there’s no need to start up the desktop as launching the app only takes a few seconds. Once the app is opened and the operator has logged in, users can access directions to machines from any location, receive machine alerts, and ping machines for notifications.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager: The ability to access data is vital to any farming operation. The Mobile Farming Manager app provides farmers agronomic data on the go. Capabilities include map viewing, report viewing, GPS tracking, navigation, soil sampling, scouting, and more.

Mobile Farm app

Stay connected to data with the Mobile Farm Manager app, which allows farmers to make decisions on the go based on comprehensive data being delivered to the palm of their hand.

John Deere Power Assist: Whether John Deere customers need an emissions certificate or general information about their John Deere engine, the Power Assist mobile app allows them to do so through their mobile devices.

JD Power Assist

Use the app to enter or scan the barcode on your John Deere engine or vehicle serial number plate to finds things like engine model number, date of manufacture, engine parts catalog number, engine option codes, engine family number, EPA certificate, CARB certificate, and more.

Thanks to these three mobile apps, farmers can use their mobile devices to receive valuable information while never having to leave the field. If you enjoyed this post, want to read others, or want to share some of your thoughts on John Deere mobile apps, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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