John Deere equipment is often used for professional and industrial purposes across construction, golf and turf, forestry, agriculture, and more. However, brand loyalty doesn’t need to stop there as Deere offers a variety of products for the professional and personal workshop, as well as around the house.

John Deere home and workshop

Let’s take a look at 15 different John Deere home and workshop products that truly show brand affinity, bringing the Deere logo into the home or workshop of customers.

Air Compressors/Tools/Compresserators

Air compressor

Deere’s air tools provide more power to the owner’s workshop through a wide range of tools including wrenches, drills, sanders, and more. These tools can be powered through air compressors or compresserators, which provide both air and electricity.

Battery Chargers

Battery Charger

Arm the workshop with battery chargers that are available in heavy-duty models for professional technician use or standard duty models for everyday home use.


Cleaning Chemicals

John Deere offers chemicals such as cleaners, oils, and lubricants for all the toughest jobs that may be faced.


John Deere flashlight

Deere offers a variety of flashlights designed for all purposes, ready to light the way in the shop, at home, or outdoors. From compact size (pictured above) to heavy-duty waterproof, chemical-resistant, and more, these flashlights are ready to make darker situations brighter.

Gas Barbecue Grills

Gas barbecue grill

Show your brand affinity while grilling with Deere’s steel burners and cast-iron cooking grids. These grills are designed to last for years thanks to weather-resistant Perma-mold material.


John Deere generator

For home or business owners as well as contractors who need to take electricity with them on the go, generators are the perfect companion. Various models are offered depending on size and watts desired by customers.

Grease Guns and Accessories

Grease gun

A variety of sizes and styles are available, each ment to meet the needs of customers.

Hand Tools

John Deere hand tools

From tape measures, to screwdrivers and tool sets, Deere’s hand tools are perfect for the weekend handyman or the everyday professional contractor.

Portable Heaters

John Deere portable heater

Whether you’re trying to get a job done during the frigid months, or the cold is simply keeping you from having a good time, kerosene-fired space heaters will warm things up in large and small spaces.

Power Tools

John Deere power tools

From impact wrenches to saws, Deere offers a complete line of power tools ready to take on projects both large and small.

Pressure Washers

John Deere pressure washer

These washers are designed to handle any cleaning project, large and small. There is even a “GatorPal” model which is designed to fit in the back of John Deere Gators for cleaning in remote areas.

Security Safes

John Deere security safe

These safes come with a lifetime warranty against break-ins, attempted break-ins, and fire damage. Best of all, their elegant design allow them to be placed anywhere in the home.

Tool Storage

John Deere tool storage

Protecting the tools you work with every day is important. Deere’s tool storage including tool chests, truck boxes, and jobsite boxes, will allow owners to transfer tools or simply keep them locked away in a safe place.


John Deere welderator

The Welderator combines a welder, two-stage air compressor, and a 5,000 max watt generator all in one piece of equipment. This saves money, space, and reduces load capacity when taken on the go.

Workshop Vacuums

Workshop vacuums

Accidents and messes happen around the job site. These wet and dry vacuums offer ample power and self-cooling motors that increase lifespan.

The love for Deere can be shown outside of the workplace, bringing it into the home or office with a variety of John Deere home and workshop products. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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