While recognizing John Deere utility vehicles as a worker’s best friend, it can be easy to overlook their capabilities as the ultimate joyride vehicle. Over the years, Deere has made several updates to their line of utility vehicles, shifting from working-focused machines to their modern look, which offers a perfect blend of work and pleasure to riders.

Let’s take a look at ten videos that highlight some of Deere’s latest utility vehicle models and how they handle even the toughest off-road conditions standing in their way.

John Deere: XUV 550 and 550 S4 Video

In this video clip, drivers take the Gator XUV 550 and 550 S4 on the fields and trails, exploring their versatility and other capabilities.

John Deere: Gator 825i (XUV 4X4) Video

John Deere introduces the Gator 825i (XUV 4×4), showcasing its new powerful features.

John Deere: Gator vs. Best in the Dessert Video

John Deere brings the Gator 825i (XUV 4×4) for a test drive at the annual “Best-in-the-Desert” racing series.

John Deere: Gator vs. Mt. Hood Video

The John Deere Gator 825i (XUV 4×4) takes on the rough terrain of Mt. Hood.

John Deere: Gator vs. The Expected Video

This video introduces the XUV550 and 550 S4, showcasing all the new features and capabilities.

John Deere: Gator vs. Moab ProRes Video

John Deere hosts a press event to test out the Gator RSX850i in Moab on the Seven Mile Rim.

John Deere: Gator vs. Misinformation Video

A member of Dirt Trax Magazine tests Gator 825i and puts to rest rumors about the new vehicle.

John Deere: Gator vs. Challenge Video

John Deere introduces the Gator 825i (XUV 4×4), testing it at one of the best off-road parks in the country.

John Deere: Gator vs. Boredom Video

Recreational drivers test the speed of the Gator 825i (XUV 4×4) in some extreme off-road conditions.

John Deere: Gator vs. The Trail Video

John Deere lets recreational drivers test the Gator 825i (XUV 4×4) on the hilly trails of South Carolina.

We hope these action-packed John Deere utility vehicles videos  provided some excitement while showing all the capabilities that make them versatile work and play pieces of equipment. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or check out more videos on our YouTube channel!  

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