Preparing soil for maximum crop production requires both a well-researched application strategy and equipment that can successfully carry-out the identified strategy. Understanding which nutrients are taken from the soil when crops are grown and incorporating best management practices will lead to a valuable crop.

Nutrient Applicator

John Deere offers a series of nutrient applicators to help simplify this process from start to finish, offering models for all types of application across various seasons. Let’s take a look at some of these options.

2510H Nutrient Applicator

2510H Nutrient Applicator

The 2510H can cover up to 59 acres of land per hour, and boasts three-season performance capabilities to provide producers with a piece of equipment whenever application is necessary. The low-disturbance, high-clearance toolbar gives you flexibility to apply in heavy fall residue, or in the spring, right behind the planter all the way up to V8 stage.

Transporting the 2510H from field to field is made simple thanks to outer wings that fold forward before locking and remaining securely fastened behind the tractor.

2510C Nutrient Applicator

2510C Nutrient Applicator

Durability is at the core of the 2510C applicator, available in 13 and 17-row models. It includes a high-density polymer bearing sleeve in each of the heavy-duty rockshaft arms for the mainframe, wing frames, and rear hitch, resulting in limited maintenance and increased reliability, allowing producers to spend more time in the field.

A fore-aft frame depth of 93 in. provides operators with ample clearance to flow residue. An adequate distance between the front coulters allows residue passing through the machine to settle down as it moves through.

2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

Operators of the 2510L have the benefit of connecting directly to John Deere Section Control, GreenStar Rate Controller and GreenStar 3 2630 Display, resulting in a system of control, field documentation, map-based prescriptions and application precision with minimal overlap.

Hydraulic wing down-pressure and a flex-hinged design ensure accurate fertilizer placement throughout the process and when using side-dress application, hydraulic wing kick, single reach tongue, and higher operating clearances reduce crop damage and expand the application window.

2510S Strip-Till Medium Residue Applicator and 2510S Strip-Till Residue Master Applicator

2510S Strip-Till Medium Residue Applicator

The 2510S allows crop producers to apply dry, liquid or anhydrous fertilizer while conserving soil moisture and reducing soil erosion thanks to maintaining residue on the field. This applicator is available for medium or high-residue applications, and offers a choice between Medium Residue and Residue Master configurations.

Each of the nutrient applicators are a valuable piece of equipment for crop producers looking to prepare the soil for maximum growth and health of their next crop in a speedy and effective manner. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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