Throughout the planting season, crop producers spend countless hours and put an abundance of energy into making sure they’ve put their property in the best position possible to generate fantastic yields.

John Deere crop protection

After the seeds are in place and the growing process begins, producers must take the next step: protecting their fields. To address these needs, John Deere offers a series of cutting-edge products and features that are designed to help producers overcome any challenges they face throughout the growing cycle.

Let’s take a look at a few pieces of John Deere equipment and features that simplify crop protection.

2510H Nutrient Applicator

Young plants often times need a boost to start growing with pace. The 2510H Nutrient Applicator has a high-clearance toolbar that makes it a great tool for side-dressing with anhydrous ammonia shortly after planting corn. Its single-disk opener design allows operators to move across the fields quickly, covering up to 59 acres per hour. If you’re working on a field that requires minimal soil disturbance, this might be the tool for you.

2510L Nutrient Applicator

With 19 row and spacing combinations, the 2510L allows operators to custom-fit the machine to the task at hand. The equipment’s hydraulic wing back helps to keep it from diving into the crop itself and ample frame clearance makes it easier to maneuver in the field. Additionally, 2510L operators gain access to GreenStar™ Rate Controller, GreenStar 3 2630 Display and John Deere Section Control, all of which are designed to minimize overlap and maximize productivity.

ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System

Industry-standard pulse-width modulation (PWM) systems on sprayers offer about 10 hertz of PWM on average. With the ExactApply system, sprayer operators gain access to a technology that delivers 30 hertz of PWM, allowing them to spray with precision at greater speeds. The A-B nozzle control provides six nozzles of the operator’s choice in pairs, which can then be automatically switched as conditions change.

Do you ever worry about over spraying on turns? ExactApply’s Turn Compensation feature is designed to reduce overlap by adjusting output across the boom.

Carbon Fiber Boom

Available in 120- and 132-ft. widths on new John Deere sprayers, John Deere’s carbon fiber booms are designed to be lighter and more productive, reducing the overall weight of the sprayer and soil compaction when multiple passes are required. Lighter weight means more acres covered. More acres means more productivity.

AutoTrac™ Vision

Approved for use in all 4 Series sprayers, this technology includes a camera that’s mounted to the front of the equipment so early-season crops can be seen as the spraying process is being conducted. AutoTrac Vision is able to determine the location of the row and then send that information to the AutoTrac system, which can then steer the equipment precisely.

AutoTrac™ RowSense

Using a paddle that’s mounted to the front wheel of sprayers, this technology is able to “feel” its way down the crop row and sends signals to the equipment to steer the wheels accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Crop protection is critical to maximizing yields and profit throughout the growing season. While these are by no means all the products and features that can be used to better crop protection, they will certainly help if put to work.

If you have any questions about other crop protection equipment or solutions, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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