Often times, when the process of cutting or mowing grass is imagined, our minds immediately go to mowers manicuring the green grass surrounding homes or businesses. However, the reality is, knocking down long grass and stalks in no-till and minimum-till fields (along roadways, cemeteries, orchards etc.) is just as important  in order to encourage grass growth, control insects, reduce weeds, prevent erosion, and much more.

John Deere Rotary Cutter

To manage these large areas of grass and stalks, operators need large rotary cutters that make quick, efficient work of large-scale projects. John Deere’s Rotary Cutters come in different sizes and styles that provide a solution to nearly any cutting situation. Let’s take a look at a few of the models and what makes them effective stalk-choppers.

John Deere HX Rotary Cutters

John Deere HX Series

Tall grass has the ability to hide unexpected surprises that could damage ordinary cutters. Stump-jumping bladeholders and shock-absorbing cross-shafts protect the cutter from rocks, stumps, or other obstacles that may be laying in the weeds. These heavy-duty cutters can handle the demands of cotton fields and a double-decker design uses a separate bottom deck to deflect debris. The HX10 and HX14 models can be 3-point hitch mounted or pulled from behind.

John Deere CX Rotary Cutters

John Deere CX Rotary Cutter

Roadside mowing and commercial applications demand strength and durability, which are two primary features of the CX Series Cutters. Both the CX20 and CX15 contain super-strong John Deere gearcases with 1.75-inch splined input and output shafts. Five-bolt, puncture-proof laminated tires come standard on these cutters, providing improved flotation on soft ground and smoother long-distance rides. Similar to the HX, the double-decker design easily sheds water and trash.

John Deere MX Rotary Cutters

John Deere MX Rotary Cutter

The medium-duty MX Rotary Cutters are built with many of the same attributes as the HX and CX Series, such as durable gearcases, puncture-proof wheels, and slip-clutch driveline protection, at a smaller scale. The MX Cutters feature iMatch compatibility for fast, easy attachment to tractors. A round-back design (widths ranging from 4-15 feet) provides easy maneuverability around tight corners and trees.

John Deere’s variety of rotary cutters provide operators with the strength and durability to cut through the highest grass with ease, thanks to unique design and maneuverability. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook!

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