When it comes to the hay baling process, timing is everything and farmers’ schedules are often put in the hands of Mother Nature. The warm, dry months of the summer are often the best time to bale hay, but threats still remain. Untimely rains can ruin an entire field of hay and if it becomes too hot and dry, it could become too brittle. As a result, farmers usually keep an eye on the weather and bale hay in the middle of favorable-conditioned summer days.

John Deere BC11 Bale Carrier

To tackle the hay baling, farmers use many different types of balers including, small square balers, large square balers, and round balers. We’ve put together a gallery consisting of various pieces of John Deere hay equipment in action, simplifying the process for owners. Enjoy!

John Deere 5E Series Baling

John Deere 6 Series Tractor with Bale

John Deere 6R Series Upclose Hay

John Deere 8 Series Round Baler

John Deere 9 Series Round Baler 2 Rows

John Deere 9 Series round Baler Green Hay

John Deere 9 Series Round Baler Near River

John Deere 9 Series Round Baler on Ranch

John Deere 449 Round Baler Hobby Farmer

John Deere 900 Series Variable Chamber Baler

John Deere B Wrap in Action

John Deere Baler Single Bale

John Deere Baler with Dust

John Deere C440R Wrapping Baler

John Deere F440M Round Baler

John Deere Fixed Chamber Baler

John Deere Hay Baler Hay in Distance

John Deere Hay Baler in Field

John Deere Hay Baler Speed Limit

John Deere Wrapping Chamber Baler

Hopefully, these images provided a visual look at hay baling as peak times for producing hay come into sight. Whether your want to share your thoughts on these photos, or have a photo of your own to submit, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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