Today, it doesn’t take as many farmers as it once did to cover a large number of acres for crop production. Thanks to advancements in technology within offices and aboard agricultural equipment, farmers can ultimately do more with less. However, these advancements present farmers with the challenge of knowing how to operate the technology and manage all parts of the farm from sunrise to sundown.

7R Barn

As a result, life on the farm for crop producers can be very busy, demanding a great deal both physically and mentally, especially during peak planting and harvesting seasons. To give our readers a better understanding of a farmer’s daily life during these busy times, we’ve put together a photo essay that walks through a typical day on the farm during the peak seasons, enjoy!

Starting the day in the office…

John Deere Apex


Farmer in Office



Preparing equipment for the day’s work…

Tractors in Driveway

Service Advisor Remote

Working with Dealer


Drill Box on Road

John Deere Disks

Checking the fields and collecting data…

Wheat Field

Mobile Farm Manager

Irrigation and Water

Field Connect



5430i Sprayer 

Doing field work…


Early Morning 9 Series

Sunrise Sprayer

Sprayer Sunrise

Air Seeder

Cab View Working

Grain Harvesting

John Deere Guidance

Nutrient Applicators


Tillage in Field

Track Tractor in Field

Tractor on Farm

Sprayer Sunset

Combine Sunset

Sometimes extending into the night…

7R at Night

Cotton at Night

Night Tillage

Grain Cart at Night

Night Spraying

From sunrise to sundown, life on the farm seems non-stop. From data collection, to organization, and operation, today’s crop producers are extremely busy as they lead the effort in providing resources for the world’s growing population. Whether your want to share your thoughts on these photos, or have a photo of your own to submit, we’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page!

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