Planting speed and accuracy are both key components of row-crop planting, and the 2015 family of John Deere row units continues to make it easier for producers to maintain these critical factors.

John Deere Row Units

Deere’s ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5 technologies are getting agricultural professionals excited for the upcoming planting season. Let’s take a look at what these machines have to offer and how they can assist this spring.


John Deere ExactEmerge

If you’re used to going 5 miles per hour on your last row unit, get ready for speed – the ExactEmerge now operates at 10 miles per hour, and it’s still completely accurate. This means that you’ll get more done in less time, and you can have confidence in the work you put into seeding.

ExactEmerge has a BrushBelt, which holds seed from the meter and keeps the seed-to-seed relationship through the delivery system. This allows you to operate at 10 miles per hour while giving you’re the accuracy you desire.

With a new high performance meter, the ExactEmerge is also perfect for varying kernel sizes and shapes – no mechanical adjustments are needed. Other features that help ExactEmerge stand out from the pack are its seed sensor, improved shank and power generation system. It also has a SeedStar 3 HP monitoring system that allows you to keep an eye on your machine with little effort.

MaxEmerge 5

John Deere MaxEmerge

Producers who value quality in addition to accuracy will want to take a look at what the MaxEmerge 5 has to offer. This fifth generation row unit has more options and configurations than previous models, and it also has difference-making versatility that adapts to your agricultural management plan.

Its double eliminator helps you achieve 100 percent population, regardless of crop size. The MaxEmerge 5 is also designed to handle side hills with ease, and you can be sure that your planting is being done accurately along the way.

Improvements to the MaxEmerge’s hopper eliminates plugging for more uptime. Additionally, it has a new gauge wheel arm pivot, shank and clean air vacuum.

John Deere strives to provide agronomic solutions to help producers grow their businesses, which is why the MaxEmerge 5 and ExactEmerge John Deere row units aren’t just new pieces of machinery – they’re equipment designed to revolutionize row-crop planting. Whether you’re content with your planting equipment or you’re interested in new products from John Deere, it’s worth looking at the innovative features of the MaxEmerge 5 and ExactEmerge.

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