Every field has a story, whether in California, North Carolina or Washington, D.C. All over the country, one field after another, field maintenance crews are using John Deere turf care equipment to take on all kinds of challenges. Because each field has unique needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to tackling tough turf jobs. However, with the proper team and turf equipment, the grass doesn’t always need to be greener on the other side.

john deere turf care

We’ve put together a video gallery sharing some of our favorite John Deere turf care stories to inspire you to take on each turf challenge with confidence. Enjoy!


The Wake Med Soccer Park, located in Cary, North Carolina, is home to many popular international soccer events and NCAA championship soccer. In this episode of the “Every Field Has a Story” series, you’ll get an exclusive look into the daily routine of the Wake Med Soccer Park field maintenance crew. Learn how they team up against the clock to ensure every pro soccer game proceeds no matter what obstacles come their way.

As Jimmy Simpson, Facility Works Expediter, says, “Maintenance at the WakMed Soccer Park is a year round operation.” The facility crew takes great pride in what they do, as they know that their facility is being showcased around the world. Even after a tornado, hail storm and six inches of standing water, the last thing they want to do is have a game or match canceled because the field is not playable. Watch this video and learn more about The Wake Med Soccer Park’s successful turf operations.


This story your about to watch takes place in Margate Park in Chicago, Illinois. Hear from Adam Schwerner, the Director of the Department of Resources at Chicago Park District, about how this organization used John Deere turf care equipment to help the team be more productive and efficient. He explains that the people in Chicago think of the parks as there back yard. However, the Chicago Park District faces similar challenges to other governmental departments; to do more with less. This department has experience how John Deere equipment helps to do just that.


Because parks are nothing without people using them, it’s important to ensure that they are in the best and safest condition. This video tells the story of Humboldt Park in Chicago, Illinois, where parks are the heart of the community. Hosting day camps, after school programs, sports game and more, this park is always kept clean and well groomed for the surrounding community.

Watch two baseball teams compete on Diamond 7 and see the children learn about the importance of resilience and teamwork. Not to mention, you’ll also get a peek at John Deere turf care equipment in action!


The National Mall has a story, a truly great story. This 700 acres space represents the leadership and the built history of the United States. Designed in 1791, the term “mall” takes us back to a time when the word meant a pedestrian walk way or promenade, rather than a shopping mall.

While this area is used essentially 24/7, it takes a huge effort to keep it clean for all of the visitors. Hear more about the plan this tactical team has development to make sure that they provide the best space for their community.

We hope you enjoyed this video gallery exploring some of the most inspiring John Deere turf care stories! If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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