The 105-PTO horsepower, John Deere 6715 delivers best-in class features in both standard and high clearance cab / open station configurations. A host of other features make the 6715 a perfect tractor choice to take on most chores that will be faced on the farm.

John Deere 6715

But, what are some of the “other features” we are speaking of? Read more to find out.


The John Deere 6715 gets its power from the turbocharged, emission certified, 6.8L 6-cyl diesel PowerTech engine. These engines are specially designed to deliver top-notch performance, long life, and low maintenance costs. The 6715’s engine offers high torque characteristics while maintaining John Deere fuel economy levels.


The John Deere PowrQuad transmission is a partial power shift technology (no clutching required to shift gears) that has fully synchronized ranges with 4 speeds per range. The mechanical power reverser allows for quick and easy forward-reverse shifting in any speed range. The neutral position and neutral-to-gear modulation allows operators to precisely control a front loader.


The 6715’s strong full-frame design is ideal for achieving higher payloads, without having to increase tractor weight. This means larger implements can be attached to take on jobs with higher productivity levels. The frame mounting style allows for easier component servicing without disturbing other systems within the tractor. The frame’s overall strength and dependability reduces downtime, ultimately leading to higher profits for the operator.


Each 6015 Series tractor model is fit with a load sensing, constant flow hydraulic system. The system has variable pressure from standby of 435 psi to full pressure of 2900 psi. While the hydraulic system and transmission are separate, both systems share a reservoir for easier servicing. This system is designed to reduce the load on the engine, improve fuel efficiency, enhance system oil cooling, reduce internal leakage and place less strain on hoses and seals.

CAN Bus Electronic Communication

This electronic system allows the 6715 tractor to be more productive by diagnosing issues in a snap and allowing implements to communicate directly with the tractor. Prior to CAN bus, all electronic components had to be wired directly into the electrical system, making them vulnerable to rust, vibration, or debris buildup. Now, more data can be exchanged at once, as it only has four wires (input, output, power, and ground). Controllers are linked to the harness where these central wires are located. With all of this connected electronically, communications such as the IVT transmission communicating with the engine, transmission and hydraulic system are made possible, bringing efficiency to greater heights.

Operator Station

The John Deere 6715 hosts a high-comfort open operator station. Its wide, uncluttered access to the platform lets operators get the job done free of stress. Speaking of high-comfort, Deere’s ComfortVantage cab is competitively priced and ideal for those looking to stay safe and comfortable all day long. A 4-post ROPS is incorporated into the cab and operator controls are well-positioned for ease of use. Side and rear-facing windows can be opened for those days when the temperature is just right. Tilt steering, dome light, rearview mirror and adjustable steps all come as base features in this equipment.

If you’re in the market for a used tractor and have a variety of chores to get done around the farm, consider the John Deere 6715 as an option. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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