Sunday, March 20 marks the first day of spring 2016. While it’s likely that many of us are still waking up in the morning to some rather chilly temperatures, warmer weather and greener grass is just around the corner. The beginning of spring means different things for different people, but for John Deere D100 Lawn Tractor owners, it means it’s time to fire up their equipment and take on yard maintenance projects.


Whether you’ve had a John Deere D100 for years or are looking to make a purchase this year, consider adding these attachments to your equipment, as they are designed to make spring yard maintenance a breeze!

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46-Inch Front Blade

46 in blade

When you see the word “blade,” you may immediately think of snow. However, Deere’s D100-compatible 46-in. blade can be used in the spring as well, making quick work of loose material. The blade can be raised and lowered from the tractor seat and angled left or right based on your needs.

Rear Baggers

6.5 Bushel Rear Bagger

Deere’s 2-bag, 6.5-bushel rear baggers give you an easy way to collect all those grass clippings. The CargO Mount System™ inserts directly into the cargo mounts, making the attachment process a breeze. The tapered design also makes it simple to dump collected clippings.

Weather Enclosures


The spring weather is unpredictable. So, whether you want to protect yourself from falling raindrops or shield your skin from the sun, Deere’s weather enclosure or canopy are great options. Each option is made from tough material and is easy to install.

Bucket Holder

Bucket Holder

Spring yard work will likely result in debris from mulch and plants. Deere’s bucket holder carries up to 50 lbs. of material and will hold any standard 5 U.S. gal. bucket.


Tow Behind Sprayer

John Deere’s 15 and 25 gallon tow-behind sprayers include a 60-in. (15 gal.) and 90-in. (25 gal.) boom as well as an 18-foot hose that let’s you spray as far as 30 feet. Large tires make the units very easy to tow behind your D100 and a switch that’s accessible from your seat allows you to switch the sprayer on or off when needed.

40-Inch Thatcherator


You can use this attachment on your John Deere D100 as a dethatcher or aerator with help from its 20 heat-treated tines. A three-position handle lets you take control of the tines and a weight tray can be utilized to add power when needed.

36-Inch Lawn Roller

Lawn Roller

If you want to pack new seed, sod, or mole ridges, this 18 by 36-inch roller is a great option. The (42 gal.) drum is made from polyethylene material which protects against rust or dents. On top of it all, no tools are needed to easily hookup to the rear hitch plate.

40-Inch Spiker Aerator

Spiker Aerator

The 132 steel tine tips on this attachment will allow you to penetrate soil and allow in air, water and other critical nutrients. Pneumatic tires make it easy to tow and its 40-in. width will allow you to aerate the whole yard in no time.

40-Inch Aerator/Spreader


This attachment also does two jobs at once, penetrating the soil while the drop-spreader applies seed, lime, or fertilizer. The spreader tray and weight tray can each hold 75 pounds of material/weight and pneumatic tires provide a high-level of maneuverability.

42 and 44-Inch Lawn Sweepers

Lawn Sweeper

Six 11″ diameter brushes increase the brush to ground contact of this attachment, making it easy for you to move objects up off the ground and into the hamper.

40-Inch Plug Aerator

Plug Aerator

If you’re looking for a John Deere D100 attachment to take on an aeration job, consider this plug aerator, which removes up to 3-in. deep plugs of soil. If you’re dealing with compacted turf, you can leverage the 175 pound capacity of the weight tray to dig down with ease.

Broadcast Spreaders

Broadcast Spreader

The 125, 130, or 175 lb. broadcast spreaders offer a convenient way to spread seed, fertilizer, or other nutrients. The polyethylene hopper is designed to prevent against dents or rust and the spreaders’ critical components are made from stainless steel.

Utility Carts

17P Utility Cart

A wide range of utility cart options are available to D100 Series owners. While these carts range in capacity, they are all constructed of durable material and have the ability to haul and dump material efficiently.

We hope this list helps you narrow down your search for the perfect John Deere D100 attachments to tackle this spring’s yard work demands.

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