John Deere’s heavy-duty rotary cutter models are designed for taking on those tough jobs on the farm or alongside the road. More steel and stronger bearings than the MX models makes them ideal options for the toughest cutting jobs and fast blade-tip speeds ensure a clean cut is achieved along the way, no matter how dense the material is.

John Deere Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter

Here are some John Deere heavy-duty rotary cutter models that you should consider for your next challenging cutting task.

John Deere HX6 Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter


The HX6 is designed to cut at a six-foot wide width and is suited for 40 to 100 PTO hp tractors. Its heavy-duty gearcases and blade holders offer up optimal performance capabilities and its deep-cutting chamber shreds vegetation up to four inches in diameter with relative ease. Front and rear safety chains come standard on the HX6 to provide increased protection.

John Deere HX7 Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter


The John Deere HX7 Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter is very similar in nature to the HX6 model. However, rather than cutting a six-foot path, the HX7 hosts a seven-foot cutting width and is best fit for tractors with 45 to 100 PTO hp.

John Deere HX10 Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter


This multiple-spindle heavy duty model cuts 10 feet wide and can be hauled by tractors with 50 to 120 PTO hp. The larger, more durable gearboxes are engineered for reliability, durability, and longer life thanks in part to heavy-duty, tapered roller bearings and precision gears. Stump jumpers come standard on the HX10 model and are designed to protect the blades from obstacles like stumps or rocks. Tractor hookup is available in lift type or pull type options.

John Deere HX14 Heavy-Duty Rotary Cutter


The 14-foot cutting width of the HX14 makes it a bit wider than the HX10. Other than the cutting width, the HX14 and HX10 host many of the same features. This multi-spindle rotary cutter is best equipped for tractors that boast between 60 and 160 PTO hp.

John Deere HX15 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter


The HX15 has a flexible wing system to cut seamlessly along roadsides and rolling land, as well as a MaxFlow cutting chamber and Deere’s heavy-duty Double-Decker design. This model comes standard with a hydraulically-operated height leveling system that makes elevating and lowering the 15-foot wide cutter easy and safe. To safely haul this rotary cutter, attach to a tractor with at least 55 PTO hp.

John Deere HX20 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter


The HX20 shares many of the same features as the HX15, but its 20-foot width makes it a better-suited option for those that need to cover more ground. To safely haul this rotary cutter, attach to a tractor with at least 55 PTO hp.

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