Whether you’re tackling a challenging job all week long, or going away for a hunting trip on the weekend – a tough, affordable and fast John Deere Gator would be nice to have on your side.

John Deere XUV590i Gator

Have you met the John Deere XUV590i Gator? It combines balanced acceleration, a new top speed of over 45 mph, four-wheel independent suspension, and a comfortable and quiet operator station all into one package. And, it also comes available in a four-passenger model.

There are many features that set the XUV590i Gator apart from the rest. These include four-wheel drive in a mid-size chassis, powerful twin-cylinder engine, independent four-wheel suspension, and availability of more than 75 attachments.

We put together a video gallery to show how the John Deere XUV590i Gator exposes owners and operators to a whole new level of power, performance, comfort and customization. Check it out!

Powerful Engine

The John Deere XUV590i Gator takes on new top speeds over 45 mph (72 km/h). When a Gator has double the power of 2015 mid size models, we want you to see the powerful engine for yourself. Enjoy!

Superior Handling

Legendary toughness? Check. Remarkable ride? Check. Affordable? Check. Watch this video to see one of the smoothest handling, most comfortable and most affordable mid-size Gators with four-wheel drive.

Premium Cockpit

Check out the digital dashboard on this John Deere Gator. It features a clear and bright display of 18 attributes with speed, hour meter, driver’s seat belt and park brake alerts. Operators will have more than enough legroom and experience intuitive controls.

Concealed Storage

Got storage? When you’re working hard on a tough project all day, storage is a must. With the John Deere XUV590i Gator, you have 6-gallons (22.7 L) of underhood storage, and a 400-lb. (181 kg) dumping cargo box.

We hope you enjoyed this video gallery and got to know the John Deere XUV590i Gator a little better. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or Twitter!

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