The John Deere 9RX Scraper Tractors are all about innovation. With a balance of power, control and performance, these machines are built to improve ride quality, reduce cost of operation and maximize production time on the field.

John Deere 9RX Scraper Tractors

In an effort to help understand the key features that make them up, we’ve put together a video gallery taking you around the latest addition to the 9 family series of scraper tractors – the 9RX.

9RX Scraper Tractors: Cost of Operation

Fuel consumption and maintenance are two of the largest drivers in overall cost of operations. The 9RX uses three solutions to reduce those. Watch the video above to learn more about each of these solutions:

  • e18™ transmission with Efficiency Manager™
  • Mid roller replacement
  • Track belt maintenance

Cost of operations is obviously very important to John Deere customers. This is why the 9RX is equipped with these solutions to help reduce operating costs and maximize productivity.

9RX Scraper Tractors: Ride Quality

John Deere listens to customers, so when customers made it clear that ride quality was important; key solutions were added to the 9RX to improve this. The video above will dive into each of these:

  • Cab suspension system
  • Frame design
  • e18 transmission for smooth shifting

It’s clear that a lot of effort was put into making sure that operator comfort and ride quality was in the design of the 9RX Scraper Tractor.

9RX Scraper Tractors: Undercarriage Maintenance

The less time spent performing maintenance activities, the more time the tractor has in the field making productive work.

The 9RX undercarriage was specifically designed to keep maintenance activities short and sweet to maximize the tractors uptime in the field with the following solutions:

  • Idler wheels and mid roller
  • Drive wheel design

Keeping tractor maintenance easy allows for optimal machine uptime. This keeps operators in the field moving material by eliminating the time spent with periodic maintenance.

We hope this video gallery provides a better understanding of the key features included in John Deere 9RX Scraper Tractors to help reduce operating costs, improve ride quality and reduce time spent on maintenance.

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