There are several John Deere Gator attachments for outdoorsmen who want to add more versatility to their vehicles. Whether they use their Gators on rugged terrain or during rough weather, there are add-ons that can make the equipment durable under all conditions.

John Deere Gator Outdoorsman

Let’s take a look at the John Deere Gator attachments outdoorsmen can use with these vehicles.

Rear Screen

The OPS rear screen for the Gator provides additional protection for users in the outdoors. It includes headrests, and it’s made of perforated black metal for durability. Owners may also want to consider the OPS poly rear panel if they specifically want to reduce dust and wind in the operator station.


The 12-V winches for the Gator are water-resistant, and they quickly connect for easy use. The Warn® winch can pull up to 3,000 pounds. Outdoorsmen can invest in the Warn ProVantage winches if they want up to 3,500 or 4,500 pounds of pulling power. There is also a winch mounting kit for Gator owners who want to make installation a breeze.

Underbody Armor Kit

Outdoorsmen who are in the market for John Deere Gator attachments may want to consider the underbody armor kit. This heavy-duty-skid plate provides additional protection for the frame of the Gator, as well as powertrain elements from the environment.


Customers have the option of a 2-inch or 1.25-inch drawbars for their Gators. The drawbar kit comes with a 3/8-inch pin, as well as a hair cotter pin. Drawbars can be installed quickly and simply before the Gator is used.

Ball Mount

There are 2-inch and 1.875-inch ball mounts for outdoorsmen who need them for their Gators. These attachments can be added to the drawbar or rear hitch.

OPS Overhead Organizer

The OPS overhead organizer is a must-have for any Gator owner who wants to keep his or her outdoor equipment in order. It allows for the storage of items on the go, its pockets make it easy to keep everything in place. The organizer is composed of a heavy-duty fabric that has a water-resistant coating, meaning it can endure the elements.

Front Hood Rack

The front hood rack is one of the many John Deere Gator attachments customers will want if they have heavy cargo. It’s capable of carrying up to 100 pounds, and it can be tilted forward to provide access to under-hood storage and service areas.

For more Gator attachment ideas or information relating to equipment for the outdoors, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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