Whether you’re looking to smooth land for a garden, maintain your gravel driveway, or take on a different land-leveling project this spring, a land plane could be the perfect tool to add to your equipment lineup. However, buying or renting the equipment isn’t enough. You must understand how to properly operate it to achieve the greatest level of productivity.

John Deere Land Plane

Here are some factors and steps you should consider taking to get the most out of your land plane this spring.

Note: The following information is suitable for operating Frontier Land Planes. 

Using a Land Plane

When looking to smooth a surface like a gravel driveway, make sure the two blades of the land plane are touching the ground at the same time. Next, put the land plane into action and it will begin lifting the material and flowing it over the top of the blades. You will notice the material starting to come out of the back of the land plane and as more material is fed through, it will begin to build up against the end plates. As the plane fills, it will discharge the material from the back in a consistent manner, leaving a smooth and flat area behind.

If you’re working with a piece of land that requires a bit deeper of a cut, simply shorten the top link of the hitch so the front blade digs in at a steeper angle than the rear. The same can be done in reverse order to ensure the rear blade does a bit more work in the process.

Regardless of the operating depth, it’s important to remember to work the equipment slowly, especially at the start. It will likely take you some time to understand how the equipment responds and the optimal speed to operate the tractor at for the task at hand.

Frontier Land Planes

The LP10, LP11, and LP12 land planes come available in pull-type or 3-Point hitch configurations with two cutting edges for better land leveling, and iMatch or Quick-Hitch compatibility.

Visit this page or contact your local John Deere dealer for more information about land planes or other equipment to help get things done around your property this spring.

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