While fuel prices may change by the day, construction businesses that operate a variety of equipment remain steadfast on keeping costs low. Fuel management is often times at the top of the list of ways to immediately free up dollars for other aspects of the businesses that could use the help.

Fuel Management Tips

While John Deere construction equipment is designed with fuel efficiency at top of mind, there are some tips and best practices that can be put to action to better manage fuel, save time, and improve efficiency across the worksite.

Here are four quick tips to consider:

  1. Perform Regular Maintenance
  2. Keep Filters and Cooling System Clean
  3. Train the Workforce
  4. Optimize Workflow

Perform Regular Maintenance

When thinking about saving on fuel, you may only focus on the engine and its components. However, to truly maximize fuel efficiency, the entire machine should be operating effectively. This will ensure the equipment is running as properly as possible, reducing wasted time and fuel. Be sure to follow service interval guidelines for all pieces of the equipment being operated.

Keep Filters and Cooling System Clean

Keeping the filters and the cooling system clean will ensure the equipment isn’t working harder than it has to. Dirty filters or cooling systems will cause components like the fan to run rapidly. Clean filters and other engine components will keep effort, and as a result, fuel costs, down.

Train the Workforce

All maintenance efforts will be tossed out the window if you don’t have a team of professionals operating the equipment with fuel efficiency in mind. Take the time to educate operators on fuel management tips like avoiding harsh accelerations and reducing the time the machine is running when not in operation.

Optimize Workflow

It’s the worksite manager’s job to oversee performance. When thinking about fuel management, it’s critical that equipment is working with full loads and through full cycles. Partial loads and cycles will result in more trips from point A to point B and are guaranteed to lead to more fuel usage.

Final Thoughts

With the correct practices in place, effective fuel management is just a few steps away. Follow these steps or contact your local John Deere dealer to learn how to reduce fuel and elevate the bottom line on the worksite.

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