John Deere 8320

The idea of reducing farm fuel prices is something that has entered into the conversation in all sectors, as American businesses and workers are looking to lower overall costs by using less energy. High gas prices have helped to expedite the transition to more sustainable practices, and innovative ideas have arisen in all industries.

Farmers have identified many ways to reduce farm fuel prices through a combination of innovative technologies from companies like John Deere, and efficient practices of farm energy efficiency tactics.

Farm energy efficiency technologies can help to lower the amount of time that a farmer has to spend in the field, as John Deere equipment may allow an operator to cut back on the number of passes they need to make, according to

“Modify equipment, where applicable, to perform multiple operations in one pass. This allows farmers to reduce the number of trips across a field,” according to a report from California Farm Bureau.

Over-tilling can also hurt the efficiency of a farmer’s operation, as research done by Iowa State University shows that there is no difference in corn yields for fields tilled at a much lower level, according to the news source.

Products like the John Deere 1890 Air Seeder help to maximize the productivity of a tilling operation, as farmers can more easily perform the task and may save money on fuel due to the lack of having to make multiple passes due to inefficient technology.

Consistent maintenance of farm equipment helps a farmer get the most out of their operation, as this allows for a maximum efficiency for every task that is performed. Changing fuel and air filters on equipment on a timely basis saves roughly 3 to 4 percent of a fuel supply.

Efficient tractor use can help a farmer save on fuel costs, despite what many people may think. (People don’t think this?)

“Tractor tests indicate average fuel savings of 10 percent can be obtained when operating at 3/4 tractor load and approximately 20 percent savings at 1/2 load,” said ISU Extension ag engineer Mark Hanna.

Newer equipment models may also help to lower fuel costs and expenditure, as products like the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab award-winning John Deere 8320R tractor uses innovative technology to increase efficiency.

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