With new technologies being developed at an unprecedented level in today’s world, John Deere has found a new way to use that technology to you and/or your companies advantage. Introducing John Deere FarmSight. This is John Deere’s future of farming which integrates technology and equipment to link operators, farm managers, and dealers. You can gather and manage information about your operation easier than ever before.

There are three main ways that FarmSight can help your farm or business:

  • Machine Optimization: Easily manage equipment maintenance and monitor vital machine data, such as fuel level, service needs and diagnostic codes.
  • Logistics Optimization: Lets you track your equipment from anywhere you have a wireless connection, even remote locations. Provides operators with maps and directions to save time.
  • Ag Decision Support: Helps you respond to changing conditions and manage risk with easily accessed, timely information about your operation.

Many of you out there may be asking, How does the John Deere FarmSight strategy benefit me as a customer? There are actually a few different ways FarmSight can help you and your business grow and become more efficient.

Easy and Accessible – John Deere FarmSight technology allows timely access to data from machines to manage information easily and efficiently. Based on your preferences, equipment, owners, operators, dealers, and agricultural consultants are connected remotely for proactive service and support.

Integrated – Machinery, software, and wireless communications are all integrated to work more efficiently in your field operations. Nobody but John Deere and your local John Deere dealer has the capability to bring all these technologies together for more efficient, profitable farming.

Intelligent – Machines will communicate with each other, the owners, operators, dealers, and agricultural consultants, with the ultimate goal of making your operation more productive and profitable. This intelligent, automated technology brings more precision, convenience, and up-time to your equipment operation.

The John Deere future of farming concept can be seen in the following video:


Overall, FarmSight provides many opportunities for farmers and their operations. Not only does it provide opportunities, but also provides an opportunity to make your existing business operations more effective and efficient. With today’s ever-changing environment, it is nice to know that John Deere is taking the steps to keep themselves and their customers on the ball. So what do all of you think about FarmSight? Anyone implementing the system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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