Managing and producing crops on farms that stretch across hundreds (or thousands) of acres can be a daunting task without the proper equipment and technology in place to streamline processes. Thanks to several available John Deere large agriculture products from agriculture equipment to technology, managers and farmers of these large pieces of land can keep their operation running smoothly all year long.

We’ve put together a video gallery including an in-depth look at 15 John Deere large agriculture products that could serve as a farmer’s best friend while managing or producing across many acres of land, enjoy!

John Deere: Sprayers Video

The R4030 and R4038 sprayers are equipped with a CommandView II cab. This cab has more space, greater visibility, and an adjustable seat. There is a new user interface mounted at end of command arm to easily program settings and is connected to a host of applications including John Deere FarmSight.

John Deere: Sprayer Ride Video

In this video, John Deere presents the next generation of sprayers. The R4030 and R4038 are completely redesigned from ground up, making them one of the most efficient and productive solution systems anywhere.

John Deere: W235 Windrowers Video

The W235 Self- Propelled Windrowers help customers cut faster while maintaining crop quality. The CommandCenter provides fingertip access to all information needed for efficient operations. The windrowers are JDLink enabled to keep tabs on equipment all day and night.

John Deere: Sprayer Tech Video

John Deere’s new sprayer technology saves input cost, boosts crop yields, and is fully integrated with management systems including JD Link and AgLogic.

John Deere: 7R FlyThrough

This video runs through the features of a 7R, from new LED lights and a Final Tier 4 Engine, to a new CommandView III Cab.

John Deere: New Sprayers Video

The R4030 and R4038 Sprayers provide all the latest technology and vital operation information which connect to FarmSight. The series offer faster and greater coverage with stable booms, as well as easy steering, speeds of 30-35 mph, and automated loading.

John Deere: FarmSight (Lusetto) Video

This is a testimonial video for John Deere FarmSight. FarmSight provides agricultural workers with dealer and technician support, as well as wireless data transfer. The Field Connect component helps find new ways to irrigate due to water restrictions.

John Deere: W235 Self-Propelled Windrower Video

With 235hp, the W235 Self-Propelled Windrower is the most powerful in the industry. The command touch screen and cutterbar visibility increases control. The spaciousness, storage, visibility, and lighting of the cab all help make this model an industry leader.

John Deere: 2510L Applicator Video

The 2510 Liquid Fertilizer Applicators are built to optimize performance. The series offers a 2,400 gallon tank capacity, minimizes crop damage, and allows for tighter turns. John Deere’s FarmSight services put customers in control of the data that drives their agronomic decisions.

John Deere: S-Series Combines Video

With the S Series Combines, there is a new focus on efficiency and engine speed management. Technology upgrades such as the John Deere 630FD Hydroflex Draper Platform improve harvest quality, while John Deere tracks allow greater coverage, even in unfavorable conditions, with controlled compaction.

John Deere: R4030 & R4038 Sprayers Video

The R4030 and R4038 Self- Propelled Sprayers have faster chemical distribution time, road speeds and fold times. Direct injection eliminates product mixing, reduces chemical waste and risk, and allows for quicker change overs. These models can switch to a dry box for effective fertilizer spreading.

John Deere: 7080 Series Forage Harvesters Video

The 7080 Series of Self- propelled Forage Harvesters has 7 models ranging from 375-800hp. The series comes equipped with technological upgrades such as a new spout turning system and expanded constituent sensing capabilities.

John Deere: Farm Sight Video

This is a shorter version of the Farm Forward video which introduced FarmSight as the future of farming.

John Deere: Farm Forward Video

This video provides a real-life example of a man using FarmSight from his home to manage his daily farming activities from the intuitive interface.

John Deere: Remote Display Access Video

Deere’s Remote Display Access allows dealers to log in to a customer’s screen while they’re in the field to diagnose any issues that may arise without interrupting the day’s work.

Each of these videos showcased a product or piece of equipment that could benefit those who live their lives through large agriculture. If you enjoyed this post or want to read others, feel free to connect with us on Facebook or check out more videos on our YouTube channel!  

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