If you’re looking for a folding corn head that can tackle a large amount of space in little time, the John Deere 708C may be perfect for you. This machine is equipped to handle narrow roads, and it moves extremely fast across a wide variety of terrain. In turn, this translates into more time spent harvesting and less fuel consumption.

John Deere 708C

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the John Deere 708C corn head.


All 700C/FC corn heads from John Deere come with RowMax for the utmost durability. It increases the wear life of row-unit gathering chains and sprockets by 50 percent, with solid alloy pin bushings. Stalk rolls have an increased lifespan of 25 percent with improved wear coating.

Opposed Stalk Roll Options

Opposed knife stalk rolls can be used with the John Deere 708C, which are optimal for dry harvesting conditions. The majority of stalk material is sized at 12 inches or longer to provide more soil protection from wind and water. Harvesting is also conducted with less power without compromising on performance, and less fuel is consumed in the process. The stalk rolls turn at 1050 rpm, with backshift speeds of 700 rpm. They also have opposed, full-length blades for better stalk control and processing.

Hydraulically-Adjustable Deck Plates

The John Deere 708C comes with hydraulically-adjustable deck plates, which can be altered on the go to cater to stalk or cob size. The deck plates also reduce ear loss, boost potential yield, and improve separator performance through minimized material-other-than-grain intake.

Intermeshing Stalk Roll Options

There are intermeshing stalk roll options for premium stalk processing with the John Deere 708C as well. This is ideal for operators working in wet harvesting conditions, and the StalkMaster™ stalk chopping option can be utilized for even more efficiency. When using the intermeshing stalk roll option, most of the stalk material is sized at six inches or longer for soil protection. The stalk rolls are composed of a highly durable material for more resistance to wear and tear over time. Six blades come into contact with the crop to cut, crimp and break stalks as they are pulled through each roll. The stalk rolls turn at 735 rpm with a backshift speed of 490 rpm.

AutoTrac™ RowSense™

The John Deere 708C has AutoTrac RowSense, which is designed to increase machine efficiency and reduce operator fatigue. It maintains harvesting efficiency in down crop and low-visibility conditions, and it increases the acre-per-hour performance potential while reducing grain loss.

If you have any questions about the John Deere 708C or other corn heads, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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