John Deere’s spraying solutions have been designed to redefine and reinvent spraying accuracy, efficiency, and overall performance. The nozzles are so advanced and so revolutionary that they have become a part of the long line of accessories known as “Technozzlegy.” John Deere offers spray nozzles for a variety of different pressures, flow rates and spray patterns. These nozzles are even equipped to fit any spray application.

John Deere Spray Nozzles

The Ultra Low-drift, also known as the “ULA nozzle,” is equipped with dual air-eduction, a technology that is not only able to produce large air-filled droplets, but automatically optimizes drift control, which drastically reduces spray drift. The 120-degree wide nozzle and 60-degree thick pattern result in less drift. The ULA is made out of polyacetal, which is independently tested and proven to live a life two times longer than stainless steel and engineered for superior spraying at all pressures.

John Deere Ultra Low-Drift Spray Nozzle

The ULA nozzle is known to work best with pre-emergence and broad-spectrum products. Its small, compact size reduces the chances of accidental breakage and is equipped with incredible wear resistance.

The High-Flow spray nozzle is known for its unique flat-fan design. This design allows for an impeccable spray distribution and creates the ideal spray consistency. With the High-flow nozzle’s straight-through design, clogging of the nozzle is significantly reduced. The 140-degree wide nozzle allows for lower spray heights, which results in a reduced drift during sensitive applications.

John Deere High Flow Spray Nozzle

In the video below, you will learn how the Straight Stream Ceramic nozzle is the ideal nozzle for liquid fertilizing. It is equipped with a six stream dispenser, allowing for an evener distribution and target coverage. Thanks to the coarse droplets this nozzle provides, fertilizing is improved and the risk of leaf burn is minimized.

John Deere Straight Stream Ceramic Spray Nozzle

These are just a few of the many spray nozzles John Deere offers within the Technozzlegy product line. If you are in the market for a new spraying solution that can enhance fertilizing and create the perfect droplet size for any condition, one of the John Deere spray nozzles is for you!

For more information about the John Deere Spray Nozzles, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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