This year, John Deere won several AE50 awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). For more than a century, the organization has been recognizing those who find sustainable solutions in their respective fields.

John Deere AE50 Awards

Deere excelled in the agricultural industry, with a handful of its products making the list of winners.

5R Series Utility Tractors

The 5R Series tractors from John Deere offer 90 to 125 horsepower for tasks of all sizes out in the field. They also feature fully electronic transmissions, cabs with extensive visibility, and Deere’s AutoClutch™ system.

AirRinse Sprayer Rinsing System

The AirRinse Sprayer Rinsing System can deliver multiple gallons of spray solution per acre, covering an ample amount of ground in less time.


With BalerAssist™, operators can easily and quickly clear the plugs of their baler without having to leave the cab. It also makes it simpler to access service points.

ExactApply Nozzle Control System

The goal of the ExactApply™ Nozzle Control System is to give operators a solution that improves the coverage and control of spray applications. It has a 30 hertz-pulsing Pulse Width Modulation system, as well as automatic A/B nozzle switching from the sprayer cab. Operators also have the option of turning off individual nozzles, and smart diagnostics improve, monitor and document sprayer applications directly at the nozzle.

John Deere Connected Support™ – Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts provide remote machine monitoring and send notifications directly to John Deere dealers. The goal is for them to be able to spot potential issues and provide solutions to customers, ultimately reducing downtime. Expert Alerts are now factory-installed on all new Deere self-propelled equipment and can be installed on late-model machines.

Plus2 John Deere Round Bale Accumulator

These machines are specifically designed to give operators the ability to strategically place bales where it is most efficient for later removal. This can reduce the damage to soil from excessive field travel.

Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology for CP690 and CS690 Cotton Harvesters

The Precision Cotton Harvesting Technology is made up of an onboard round module with moisture sensing, round module weighing, Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro, and the John Deere Operations Center Field Analyzer app. This allows producers to protect seed cotton quality while increasing the productivity of their harvest.

S700 Combine

The S700 Combine line offers improvements in “smart” technology, more operator comfort, and better data. They also work alongside the 700C/FC Series Corn Heads and 700D Drapers for more efficient grain harvesting.

XUV835 Gas and XUV865 Diesel Gator Utility Vehicles

The XUV835 packs 54 horsepower, while the XUV865 provides 23 horsepower for diverse terrain. Both models are designed for tight turns and superior off-road performance.

If you have any questions about John Deere or its award-winning equipment, contact your local John Deere dealer.

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