If you’re on the hunt for a simple, powerful but small tractor that can take on a wide array of tasks, prepare to be amazed! John Deere 3D Series tractors feature simple, heavy hauling capabilities at a price you can’t beat. Overall, these machines are designed for simplicity, comfort and high performance, guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at each of these tractors in the John Deere 3D Series and discover how they can help you on a typical workday.


The 3025D compact tractor comes standard with four-wheel drive for optimal handling and performance. It also has a Heavy Duty Gear Drive Transmission for heavy hauling and onboard diagnostics including Service Advisor for performance monitoring. The operator station is clean, simple and convenient – its uncluttered design gives operators plenty of room for comfort. In addition, it has the iMatch Quick-Hitch feature, which allows for easy implement hookup when necessary.


Similar to the 3025D, the 3035D has a four-wheel drive system for smooth handling and performance, regardless of the terrain. It also features Heavy Duty Gear Drive Transmission for maximum power and heavy hauling capability out in the field. Its operator station has a simple, uncluttered design to give users plenty of room to get comfortable. Finally, customers can opt for a two-spool rear selective control valve for superior implement performance. The functions are completely separate from the loader – these rear remotes can be hooked up to a wide variety of implements and attachments as well.


Like the 3035D and 3025D, the 3043D compact tractor has a four-wheel drive system for maximum traction out in the field, as well as Heavy Duty Gear Drive Transmission for big hauls. It also features easy access to regular service points to minimize service time. Similar to the other 3D tractors, the 3043D has the iMatch Quick Hitch feature for easy implement hookup on the fly. Finally, customers can opt for a two-spool rear selective valve control for superior implement performance.

For more information on the 3D Series of tractors, check out this video below.


If you have any questions about the 3043D, 3035D and 3025D, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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