When you need a motor grader to take on a large task, you know that you can turn to John Deere for the equipment you need. This is exactly what workers with the Butler County Highway Department of Missouri did when they needed to find a new way to efficiently manage 1,000 miles of gravel roads. Recently, the department was tasked with finding a way to maintain the roads despite the lack of precipitation in the area to aid with grading. It turned to the 770G Motor Grader from John Deere, and the rest was history. With a fleet of 10 motor graders, the workers were ready to tackle the task at hand.

To make the job even easier, the 10 motor graders were equipped with JDLink telematics. This allowed workers to track machine location and condition from anywhere at any time.

“It’s a big time-saver,” says Greg Dodd, Butler County Highway Department shop foreman. “In the past, if we had a breakdown we’d get a call from the operator, drive out and search for the machine, diagnose the problem, pick up parts, then return to do the repair. Now if there’s an issue, I receive a text message and an email alerting me of the machine’s condition and exact location. Knowing what the issue is and where the machine’s located, the technician can arrive on-site with the parts and tools necessary to do the repair.”

When machines have to come into the shop for preventative maintenance, the service is quick and easy.

“There’s nothing I’ve found that’s difficult to do on these graders,” said Dodd. “Even pulling fluid samples is quick and easy, with conveniently positioned ports keeping the samples clean and everything neat.”

The Highlights of the 770G Motor Grader

There are several features that the 770G Motor Grader has that makes it one of the best pieces of equipment in the business.

  • SmartGrade Configurations. These machines are fully integrated and calibrated from the factory.
  • Engine. The extensive cooling package eliminates stacked coolers. The engine’s hydraulically driven cool-on-demand reversing fan slows when the engine is idling to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Visibility. A narrow center console and streamlined saddle bring the blade and front tires within focus for the operator.
  • Serviceability. This piece of equipment has large service doors which open wide same-side daily checkpoints which are conveniently grouped for easy ground-level access.

If you have any questions about the 770G Motor Grader, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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