When you’re on the hunt for a piece of equipment that can help you tackle even the largest planting jobs, you know you can turn to John Deere for help. The ExactEmerge planter, which debuted at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, was specially designed to take on a wide array of planting jobs, whether you’re looking to cover a small plot of land or a large amount of acreage in one pass. Find out what this equipment is capable of by hearing it directly from John Deere customers.


Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of John Deere’s ExactEmerge planter is that it reaches planting speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. This means that operators cover a large amount of ground in a small amount of time, resulting in more efficiency during the workday.

Seed Delivery System

The new seed delivery system of John Deere’s ExactEmerge cradles the seed from the meter down to the seed trench, maintaining optimal seed spacing in varying field conditions. With this new system, operators can worry less about seed placement as they speed across their fields.

Bowl-shaped Meter

ExactEmerge features a new, rigid bowl-shaped meter, along with a brush-style that requires no adjustment. It is specially designed to provide a smoother, crisper seed handoff to the brush belt, which replaces the seed tube.

Terrain Adaptability

This piece of equipment can handle all seed shapes and sizes, achieving 99% singulation with no mechanical adjustments needed, even over terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees. This means less stopping and restarting, ultimately making for a smoother, more productive workday.

Brush Belt

The brush belt of the ExactEmerge does not have to be synchronized with finite meter speeds. The systems are independent of each other, which allows the meter to turn at the right speed for the desired seed population. The delivery system exactly matches the ground speed, giving operators one less thing to worry about as they work.

Electric Motors

John Deere’s ExactEmerge has two 56-volt electric motors per row unit which rotate the meter and brush belt independently to achieve the desired seed population with speed matching delivery. The motors themselves are brushless, maintenance-free, and designed to last the life of the planter.

If you have any questions about John Deere’s ExactEmerge planter, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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