Whether you’re a general fan of agriculture or you love John Deere, there’s no better place to visit than the John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum. This facility was recently named the best museum in Iowa by BudgetTravel.com, and for good reason. It has something to offer for the whole family, meaning no one leaves disappointed.

The John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum initially opened in December 2014. Located in Waterloo, Iowa, there are several exhibits designed to educate visitors of all ages about the history of the tractor, as well as how its engine has evolved over time. The building that houses the museum dates back to 1941, and it is situated on the site of the company’s first John Deere tractor factory.

“We are able to tell the John Deere story through the museum to people who would not otherwise get to hear it,” says Rosa Grant, manager of the John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum.

Exhibits and Galleries

The first gallery of the museum is “Working the Land.” Here, guests learn about the evolution of John Deere’s work. This is followed by “Storyline,” which covers John Deere’s initial arrival in Waterloo, how the company survived despite economic unrest, and the top-secret story behind the New Generation of Power.

Next up is “Product Spotlight”, which educates visitors on historic John Deere products. These visitors also get to hear personal stories from John Deere equipment owners from around the globe. Next comes “The Factory Site,” which features an interactive floor map, depicting how the factory and its surrounding community have evolved over time.

The “Employee Break Room” exhibit shows guests what it’s like to work for John Deere, and how the company has forged a relationship with workers on and off the clock. In the next area, “Making a Tractor”, visitors can get a real-life look at how historic John Deere tractors are made from design to assembly.

Finally, “Into the World” exhibits how John Deere equipment helps people do work around the globe. They can also gain insight into the role of Deere dealerships and how they have evolved over time.

Curious about the work that goes into making sure this museum stays fresh and up to date? Watch the video below to learn more.

If you have any questions about John Deere equipment, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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