Once the last frost has passed and it’s time to tidy your lawn, you know John Deere has all of the equipment you need to take on the task at hand. The John Deere QuikTrak™ M Series line of mowers has everything you can ask for, including the utmost quality and durability. Whether you’re going to be mowing in tight spaces or you simply want a mower that will reduce your fatigue, the QuikTrak M Series has a piece of equipment for you.

Stand-On Mowers of John Deere QuikTrak M Series

With the John Deere QuikTrak M Series, you can choose a mower that suits your needs without having to worry about compromising performance. Each one of the mowers in this lineup is designed to give you the perfect cut, regardless of terrain challenges. Let’s take a look at the models that make up this series and discover what they can offer you when they’re rolled out this spring.

John Deere 636M QuikTrak

The John Deere 636M QuikTrak mower has a 36-inch mower deck constructed from fabricated steel. Its commercial-quality 19-horsepower engine provides all of the power you need to take on the workday. Its V-twin design makes for fast starts and smooth operation, and it’s air-cooled for minimum maintenance. The mower’s unique airflow design pulls grass upright to ensure that blades are cut evenly. With a heavy-duty frame formed from welded steel, the John Deere 636M QuikTrak mower is designed to stand the test of time.

John Deere 648M QuikTrak

The John Deere 648M QuikTrak comes with a 22-horsepower engine that packs a punch while operating at speeds up to 8.2 miles per hour. The mower deck is 48 inches in size and is also made of strong fabricated steel. The hydrostatic drive system provides reliable, consistent performance with its individual pump and wheel motor design. Two separate 12-cubic-inch piston wheel motors work to power the QuikTrak drive wheels as well.

John Deere 652M QuikTrak

The John Deere 652M QuikTrak has a 52-inch fabricated mower deck made of 7-gauge steel for a high-quality cut, regardless of the conditions. With a compact footprint, maneuverability is never an issue while working in tight quarters. This mower also comes with a 22-horsepower, air-cooled V-twin engine that provides fast starts. With its high-quality mower deflector, clippings are shed across the lawn for the best possible appearance.

Key Specs of John Deere QuikTrak M Series

While there are several lines of John Deere mowers to choose from, the John Deere QuikTrak M Series offers some features that simply can’t be found elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects of these mowers that separates them from the rest.

Compact Deck

The compact decks of the John Deere QuikTrak M Series are unparalleled. Customers can choose from a 36-inch, 48-inch, or 52-inch mower deck to suit their specific needs. Each of these mowers was created with maneuverability in mind, meaning you’ll never feel pressure to make a tight squeeze due to the deck — Deere took that into consideration for you. With optimum airflow, material can pass through the deck quickly, increasing productivity during the workday. The raised deflector and wide-discharge opening ensure even clipping as well.

Adjustable Height-of-Cut

With the John Deere QuikTrak M Series mowers, you have the option to adjust the height-of-cut according to 1/4-inch increments. Whatever your cutting needs may be, these specific mowers are designed to help you get the job done. Best of all, adjustments are quick and easy to make — simply lift the mower cutting height lever to suit your needs. Special mulching blades are also available for side discharging, along with a high-performance mulching attachment for more control over the material.

Easy Maneuvering

When designing the QuikTrak M Series mowers, John Deere focused on ensuring each machine was simple to utilize, regardless of terrain. Every model was created with maneuverability in mind in order to reduce operator fatigue and improve functionality during the workday. The frames of the mowers are also compact and durable, which enhances productivity while extending the lifespan of the machine. With the hydrostatic drive system of the QuikTrak M Series mowers, operators know they’ll have reliable, consistent performance over time.

Improved Flexibility

Whether operators are mowing hills or working on level terrain, the improved flexibility of the John Deere QuikTrak M Series mowers makes every job easier. Enhanced stability and traction give users more control and confidence during operation — slopes are never a problem. The frames of the mowers also have more rounded corners, along with flat-free front caster wheels, for a better riding experience. On the operator platform, there is an ample amount of space for the utmost comfort.

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