Before planting season arrives, agricultural producers want to make sure they have all of the equipment they need to boost their chances of growing a bountiful harvest. John Deere has a wide selection of planters that many farmers have come to rely on, and the John Deere 1770 Planter is one of these machines. This front-fold frame planter was specially designed with precision and accuracy in mind. With features such as the VacuMeter and a large fertilizer tank, agricultural producers can reap the benefits of using one of the best planters to hit the market.

What is the John Deere 1770 Planter?

The John Deere 1770 Planter is a 12Row30 planter designed to help get seed in the ground accurately during the planting season. It has a two-section frame design, which is hinged in the center. This allows it to flex up and down for more mobility while out in the field. The 1770 Planter is also designed to take on challenging terrain that may otherwise challenge agricultural producers during one of the busiest seasons of the year.

What Can the John Deere 1770 Planter Do?

The John Deere 1770 Planter is equipped with several features that make it one of the more versatile machines to debut in the agricultural industry. In addition to having a mobile two-section frame design, it also has bonuses, such as MaxEmerge XP™ Row Units and a dry fertilizer system.

Wide-Range Planting

Wide-range planting is the name of the game when it comes to the 1770 Planter. The 12Row30 design has a two-section front-folding frame design. It is hinged directly in the center, which allows both wings to flex 20 degrees upward and 30 degrees downward. This makes the planter ideal for use on terraced or firm rolling ground. Additionally, weight can be added to the center frame to keep it from flexing upward during the planting process.

Fertilizer Application

A dry fertilizer system comes as base equipment on the John Deere 1770 Planter. It is composed of six frame-mounted hoppers, each with a maximum capacity of 550 pounds. Customers can also opt for single- or double-disk fertilizer openers.


The front-folding design of the 1770 Planter may be essential to some agricultural producers who prioritize maneuverability. With flexible wings, this planter can get the job done regardless of challenging terrain conditions.

What Are the Important Features of the John Deere 1770 Planter?

Before purchasing a planter, it’s important for customers to familiarize themselves with the features of the equipment they are taking into consideration. The John Deere 1770 Planter is one example of a machine that has several features that can benefit agricultural producers in numerous ways. Whether fertilizing or planting is a top priority, the 1770 Planter has the versatility to boost production and efficiency during the workday.


With a transport width of approximately 15 feet, the 1770 Planter can get to and from locations without any issues. Additionally, the frame of this planter was designed with transportation in mind, meaning operators never have to worry about uneven weight distribution.

MaxEmerge XP™ Row Units

Agricultural producers who use dry fertilizer will be able to opt for MaxEmerge XP™ Row Units when they purchase the John Deere 1770 Planter. This system consists of separate seed tubes that allow each row unit to work individually. In turn, maintenance is made easier, as well as troubleshooting.

Fertilizer Capabilities

Agricultural producers who want to simplify the fertilizing process during the planting season can benefit from using the John Deere 1770 Planter. With a dry fertilizer system in place, this machine has six frame-mounted hoppers, which can handle a maximum of 550 pounds. Customers also have the option of equipping the planter with single- or double-disk fertilizer openers, depending on their needs.

Expanded Frame Functionality

The functionality of the 1770 Planter’s frame is what makes it one of the most versatile planters in Deere’s lineup. If agricultural producers using the 12Row30 front-fold planter require more frame weight, additional weight can be added to the center of the machine. Its mounting bracket can handle six weights or up to 600 pounds. In turn, the 1770 Planter will not flex upward while in planting mode, regardless of terrain conditions.

What Are the Key Specs of the John Deere 1770 Planter?

There are several key specs that Deere customers should be aware of as they look to invest in the John Deere 1770 Planter. Many of its features can provide benefits during the planting season, but it helps to understand how these specs can improve operations.

7 in. x 7 in. Front-Folding Frame

With a seven-inch-by-seven-inch front-folding frame, the 1770 Planter is as flexible as it is easy to transport. Each wing can move 20 degrees up and 30 degrees down relative to the other. It’s this floatation that makes it ideal for use on a wide array of terrain, but the especially hard ground.

At Least 22 in. of Under-Unit Clearance

Under the John Deere 1770 Planter, operators will find that they have a minimum of 22 inches of clearance. With an ample amount of space under the machine, they no longer have to worry about clearing railroad tracks and other obstructions during transportation. In turn, this also means less wear and tear on the equipment underneath the planter.

15 ft., 2 in. Transport Width

The transport width of the 1770 Planter is 15 feet, two inches. This means that getting the planter from one location to another is not an issue that equipment owners need to worry about during the workday.

11 ft., 3 in. Transport Height

The John Deere 1770 Planter has a maximum transport height of 11 feet, three inches. Maneuverability is a breeze with this machine, and moving it is never a problem while out in the field.

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Commonly-Asked Questions About the John Deere 1770 Planter

It’s not uncommon for customers to have questions about John Deere’s extensive lineup of agricultural equipment. With numerous features, such as a flexible frame and a large fertilizer tank, many people want to know more about everything the 1770 Planter has to offer.

How Wide is a John Deere 1770 Planter?

The John Deere 1770 has a maximum transport width of about 15 feet, two inches. This allows operators to get it from one location to another with ease. Its folding frame design also enhances its maneuverability while in transport.

Does John Deere 1770 Have a Dry Fertilizer System?

The John Deere 1770 Planter comes with a dry fertilizer system as a part of its base equipment. In total, its six frame-mounted hoppers have a maximum capacity of 550 pounds. Customers can opt for a single- or double-disk fertilizer opener, depending on their specific needs out in the field.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new planter, the John Deere 1770 has much to offer in terms of its features and specs. With everything from a flexible folding frame to a dry fertilizer system, this machine can handle a wide array of tasks during the busy planting season. Its maneuverability, transport width, and clearance height also make it ideal for use in many different situations. Because of its ability to work on tough terrain, the 1770 Planter might be all you need to take on planting and fertilizing tasks with ease. Best of all, this machine is designed with durability in mind, meaning customers can rest assured that it will be a reliable workhorse for planting seasons to come.

If you have any questions about the John Deere 1770 Planter or any of the agricultural equipment Deere currently manufactures, you can contact your local John Deere dealer.

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